Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A New Year

Yes, I know i'm 4 days late but better late then never, right? Well what to say about the new year....i'm really glad that its here! The past year has been horrible. My dad died in March from cancer, i had PND and finally got treatment in January after suffering for 11 mths. We have had sickness after sickness go through the family. We moved house and had trouble with the Real Estate. But on good news - my sister had a baby and i got pregnant! I swear those are the only 2 things that happened this year that can go in the good news catagory.
BUT that year is over and a new one has begun. Which brings me to New Years Resolutions. When i was in my late teens and early 20's my resolutions consited of 2 mains things......get a boyfriend/husband and lose weight (I was one of those reject girls who never got a boyfriend until she was 23, acutally i was a month off begin 24)
So those 2 resolutions never got accomplished until i was 23. That year i went from a size 16 to a 12 and was feeling pretty good, then i got a boyfriend and ultimately a husband (yes i married my first boyfriend). what other goals can i set for myself?

I still stuggles with my weight. I put on 19kgs when i was pregnant with my ds. After i had him and my weight settled down i was 7kgs overweight. I managed to lose 7 kgs and was almost down to size12 again. Then came some medication that made me gain weight no matter what i did. I swear i could of stopped eating and i'd still gain. So i gained 5kgs back before going off the meds. And then i got pregnant. Very planned and wonderful but still heavier then i would like to be. I'm only 5'3 so every kg is very noticable! So, my goal is just to eat healthier this pregnancy and to exercise...if summer ever leaves! Oh and then i'm joining the gym after i give birth.
My second goal is to spend more time teaching my ds. While TV is such a good babysitter i know it's not the best thing for him.
I'd also like to go on more dates with my husband. We hardly go out alone so i would like to do that more.
I'd like to spend more time improving myself and working on my spirituality

So those are my goals for this year. We will see how it goes!


Linsey said...

Good Goals, Andrea. I have the lose weight one too, 7th year running...Dang kids....You can do it!

Steph said...

I just wanted to send you some more (((((HUGS))))). I'm sure that you'll be able to make all of your resolutions happen. :D