Monday, February 20, 2006

The Ellusive Cure

Unfortunately i have been struck down with a very common ailment. This 'sickness' forces me to throw up at random, fall asleep at the drop of a hat, become obsessive over every ache and twinge that my body makes, gain weight at a phenomenal speed and eat weird things that a normal person wouldn't think of eating. Yep, i'm pregnant. Again.
And with that has come the dreaded morning sickness. Just imagine that you have been on a ride at a fair ground.....a ride that make you go round and round and round and round and round(feeling sick yet?). How are you feeling when you get off? Thats what i fell like 24/7. Nice huh? Oh yes, its a lot of fun. The only problem is that there is no cure, other then giving birth or taking some nice strong drugs which apparently i can't get here from my dr so i have to put up with it.
So i've stocked up on supplies - crackers, every ginger product known to mankind, lemon fizzy and tic tacs. I even have those bands you put on your wrist. But nothing really works. I keep heaving and feeling like i've been hit by a truck. But i've lost a kilo(2lbs) so that a bonus.

This time we have decided not to tell people that i am pregnant. Other then the whole internet world of course! So, by doing that i will have saved myself from countless people telling me to just eat crackers...thats what they did and it was fine. Yeah, well whatever. Crackers do nothing, OK!!! If your not careful i will shove those crackers down your throat if you make one more stupid suggestion!
Ok so i might never say or do that, but who knows what a sick hormonal woman might do.

When i was pregnant with my son Ethan it was ok because i wasn't working. I was just at home all day wallowing in my sickness. I could lay in bed all day if i wanted to and i did. I was sicker with him then i am now so i think i was justified. But now i have a 2 year old to run after. And he's a very active 2 year old. My husband has been on holidays for the past week so its been good. Of course i only found out that i was pregnant on Friday - when i threw up and thought well maybe i was pregnant(how on earth did that happen?!)so its been great to have him here for at least the 4 days before he goes back to work tomorrow. Then i'll be in for it. Just me and the toilet and the boy. Fun times!

So i'm about 6 weeks which means if i go on my previous experience with morning sickness...i've got about .......34 weeks of it left. Ahhh the joy of pregnancy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

the colour purple......and red.....

My favourite colour as a child was purple. And do you know why it was purple? two words - Ninja Turtles!! yep, Donatello was my favourite Ninja Turtle, so purple became my fav colour. Maybe it was weird for a girl to be so into Ninja Turtles but I was also into Barbies and dolls....matchbox cars(i had a green Jag) and bike tracks and climbing mountains and having water fights. Ahhhhh my childhood was great! Anyway, back to the colour. It stayed purple for a while until i realised that lots of other people liked purple too. It was like suddenly realising everyone was dressing exactly like me...and that was not right, i had to be different! So i changed my colour to one i didn't know anyone else liked. My new colour is red. I love red in all shades and i think i will stick with it since i've had it for so long. I have a red toothbrush, red clothes, a red and silver mobile phone. Red is my State colour too! I had a red(maroon) bridesmaid dress at my sisters wedding. Even my computer hard drive is red!

I'm sure i've read somewhere that colours reflect your personality. Red is such a strong and confident colour....which is the opposite of me but something to work towards. Its also a sexy colour.....yep, opposite of me too. Its feisty.....maybe i can be feisty, who knows! Maybe red doesn't really describe my personality and i should be something like......brown but i love it just the same!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Love Tunnel

I'm sure everyone has one of these in their town in some shape or form. A place that kids come to write their secret and not so secret loves. For me it was the love tunnel. It is located in a town called Beerburrum where i used to live up until i was 12. If you follow the dirt track that runs beside the school towards the cemetary you will find it. The actual tunnel is just a cement drainage thing so that the little creek can flow under the road. So on Monday my husband and i made the trek and we visited the 'love tunnel'. You see i'd never written anything in there and i thought it was about time. And considering i now had a love and being Valentines Day the next day, i thought it was fitting that i write in there who i love. Now its etched on stone!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The green eyed monster has a name and that name is .......

Andrea. Yep, thats right. I am the green eyed monster. My sister used to say that jealousy is a curse and i have to agree with her. I have discovered in these almost 3 short years of marriage that i am an insanely jealous person. I never noticed it before, maybe i wasn't before and marriage has brought out the worst in me. Who knows.

What, you might ask, am i jealous of? Well, just about everything. You can ask my husband, i'm sure he will tell you i am competely nuts. And it might very well be true. I am not proud of my problem and it is indeed a problem. It stops me from being truely happy. Hopefully i will be able to sort out my feelings and why i'm having them.

I have this friend. Well, she is a friend in the way that we see each other every few months and we have a chat and we occasionally invite her and her husband over for dinner, they occasionally forget and occasionally they remember to come. lol I actually like them very much and i wish we spent more time together but i am so jealous of her! Its crazy. She is like the perfect woman. Shes a couple of years older then me and the mother of 2 girls and a boy due next month. She is pretty, smart and can speak Japanese. She served a mission in Japan. She quilts and scrapbooks very well - I saw samples of her stuff up on the walls of a scrapbooking shop in town. She sings beautifully, she is always in the church choirs and gets solo parts. She has a craft morning at her house so that friends and people from church can come and do there little projects and have fun and talk - I was invited once but i was pregnant and tired and i slept in and wasn't invited again. Oh and my dh had a huge crush on her.
She seems to be everything i am not and everything i would like to be.

Then there are houses. Yes, i am jealous of everyone who has there own house. Insanely jealous. Everytime i see the crazy mess that is my kitchen i curse those woman who have a nice kitchen of there own. Mine is a crazy mess because we don't have enough cupboard space, so one corner is piled with boxes of my dinnerware and other kitchen stuff. We moved in October last year and yes, it's still packed because of our lack of anywhere to put it. Our appliances live on the stove and the ironing board. When we need to use the stove they go on the ironing board and when we need to use the ironing board they go on the stove. Thus the reason i now have melted plastic on one of my hotplates. *warning: do not turn on the hotplate where your electric jug is sitting*
My breadmaker lives on the floor until i need to use it. My kitchen is my main gripe though my bathroom comes a close second. Its small and a family of cockaroaches live in there. One day i will manage to eliminate them. I would love to decorate but the lack of money and that fact that this isn't my house prevent it.
You would think that i would be more thankful for what i have, considering what i lived in while i was in my teens.

Yep that was my house when i was about 13. My mum, my sister and I slept in the shed and my brother in the tent and my dad on a fold out bed, you can just see it on the left, under the awning of leaves. We only lived in that for a couple of months before my dad built another shed that had 4 rooms - 2 bedrooms(one for me and my sister to share and one for my parents, my brother slept in the living room) a living/kitchen and the bathroom which wasn't attached to the main 'house' . Still had dirt floors but we went up in the world by having a wood stove instead of a hollowed out termit nest. I don't have a pic unfortunately.

We lived in that for a few years until my dad built our proper house. It was like luxury! a cement floor instead of dirt, my own room(my sister and brother moved out)
and was like a proper house, except for the carpet hanging down for walls and our bathroom was still outside. We even had a flush toilet! I lived there until i moved interstate at the age of 19.
This is what it looks liked like last year during the process to make it a REAL house, like the kind other people live in. My dad died before he could finish it.

This is why i can't understand my jealousy of houses. I mean, c'mon, anyone want to volunteer to live like that for 6 years??? It was a great learning experience for us, it made us appreciate things. Everytime someone complained about anything i used to think....what is wrong with you??? you have no idea what its like to rough it. Now i have turned!! I'm that person complaining. How did this happen?
I think what happened is that while i was living the good life in the city for 4 years after i moved out of home, i changed my opinion of what was important in life. Is it seriously about what kind of house i live in? Is it about whether or not i can paint my walls the colour i want? Is it about that fact that someone might have better skills then me? Or can speak a foreign language? No. Its not. Its about being comfortable with who i am. It is finding happiness with what i have in my life. So what if i have to move the appliances off the stove several times a day - I have a loving husband and a gorgous son. We have sufficient for our needs and some of our wants...ok for some of dhs wants ;) We own our own car and by the end of this year we should be debt free.

Then we can work towards getting that house......

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Fully Sick Greek Chick

A few weeks ago i recieved a package in the mail. I opened it up and there was a birthday card and a box full of homemade choc chip oatmeal cookies. Inside the card was a wonderful letter sending Birthday and Christmas greeting. If you haven't already realised, it has been more then a month since Christmas and about 4 months since my birthday. No, the package wasn't lost in the mail and just magically showing up now - my friend, my Fully Sick Greek Chick had only just posted it. It only takes 2 days to get from her place to mine. You see my friend is a little absent minded. Though i really think that she just has so much to do that she forgets to do things.

I'm not a great writer so all that i wanted to say about her is probably not going to come out right. I love my friend for so many reasons. She's easy to talk to, she listens, she advises, she sees things in a different way then i do. She's spiritual and i can talk to her about anything. She served a mission and returned home a better and wiser person(though she still can't do things on time!) she held my hand when we gave blood- i never knew that getting a huge needle poked in my arm could be so much fun! She's charitiable, she brought me pizza and helped make my wedding dress, she helped me decorate my apartment for my wedding night since dh and i couldn't afford to stay somewhere nice. She sent me the coolest Antonio Banderas poster from Greece when she was on her mission. She finished Uni successfully and is now holding down 2 jobs and a very full social calender. Oh and she crochets everything from socks to beanies! She sounds great, right?

I lived with her and her single mother for a month and it was the craziest experience of my life!
Other then all those wonderful attributes i listed she's also a loudmouth, she talks non-stop! She is neurotic and obsessive. She over-anaylizes everything! She can't cook for anything(even 20mths in the mission field didn't help much!) and she fights way too much with her mother. They fight because they are so much alike, its not funny.
I've known her for about 6 years and she has accomplished so much in her life and i'm totally proud of her and a little jealous. But she is my very best friend and if she was any other way she just wouldn't be Kiki.

Oh.....and if you know any single guys wanting a 23 yr old, greek, loudmouthed, non-domestic, crazy, wonderful woman just let me know. And i'll even throw in the MIL as a bonus........

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I'm tagged. Thanks Misty!

Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) ScienceWoman
2) Professor Me
3) Musical Mom
4) My Inner Aria
5) fountainescapades
Next select five people to tag:

1) Becky
2) Sunny
3) Rachelle
4) Onica
5) Linsey

What were you doing 10 years ago? I had to come back and edit this part. What i was actually doing 10 years ago was....i had finished high school in Nov 1995 and i was bludging, i was unemployed and i never got into the TAFE course i wanted to do. So i went on the dole. Nice ey?

What were you doing 1 year ago? I had just started treatment for PPD which i had been suffering from for 11 mths. We were also trying to build my parents house so that my Dad had something nice to come home to when he got out of hospital. He had cancer and died in March, he never came home.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Chocolate
2. Fruit and nut mix
3. Corn chips and salsa
4. Jatz and dip
5. Ice Cream

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. Twinkle Twinkle little star
2. Incy Wincy Spider
3. Poisen by Alice Cooper ;)
4. The songs off Ethans Thomas dvd
5. A few random other songs.....its hard to just pick 5!

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. Buy a house.
2. Get my citizenship.
3. Donate an air conditioning unit for the Maternity Ward of my local hospital
4. Get our car repainted
5. Get my hair done

Five bad habits:

1. Biting my nails
2. Making my dh feel guilty
3. Negativity
4. Junk food
5. Staying up too late

Five things you like doing:

1. Reading
2. Painting
3. Making things that make my home homley
4. Spending time with my little family
5. Taking long drives

Five things you would never wear again:

1. Track pants with straps that go under your feet
2. A tank top in public
3. Shoes that make my feet ache
4. Calottes (not sure of that spelling)
5. a nappy ;)

Five favorite toys:

1. my mobile phone
2. my air conditioner
3. my computer
4. my scrapbooking software
5. my son

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Shoes

I love new shoes! These are the first new shoes i have ever bought Ethan. He has new slippers and new gumboots but never new shoes. He was so excited. He can say shoes now...though he says it 'sooooooos'