Friday, October 12, 2007

One years old today!!!!

My stats

Age: 12 months
Weight: 8.8kgs
Heights: 72cm
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Complextion: Fair

My favourite activity: Walking, climbing, playing chase, eating, playing in the garden
My least favourite activity: sleeping
My favourite foods: banana, yoghurt, spaghetti bolognase, chicken, potato, chocolate
My least favourite food: olives
My favourite drink: breastmilk and water
Most exciting thing i've done this year: Went to a Brisbane Lions AFL match.
Things i've learned this year: smiling, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, wrapping my mummy and daddy around my little finger.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm baaack!!

I'm sure noone reads my blog anymore and thats fine, i guess. It was always nice to see comments and people stopping by in the early days when i used to blog regularly and i had something to say. I guess there is a season for everything and i think i maybe ready to come back from the dead, so to speak.

Alot has happened since June when i blogged last time. I guess i will just go over the main points of interest....

1. My baby is walking. Nicholas turns 1 later this month and i can't believe it. He's the most gorgeous thing ever, though he gets sick alot. So different from Ethan. They are like night and day.

2. I finally got a wedding ring. It's about time my dh made an honest woman out of me ;)

3. I got 3rd in a photographic competition. For this photo -

I was pretty darn excited i can tell you. I won a $100 store credit, which i bought photo frames with.

4. My garden is growing. I have lettuce, carrots, peas, onions, brussel sprouts, capsicum and a pumpkin growing. I'm so pleased with my efforts and i'm looking forward to harvesting!! oh well, i grew radishes and harvested them but they didn't grow very big. We don't have a lot of water so i think thats the reason.

5. My dh got a promotion. YAY!!!

6. Ethan is completely toilet trained including nights. BIG relief i can tell you(pardon the pun ;)). I am loving not having to buy 2 lots of nappies.

7. It's springtime!!! I love spring. All the flowers are out and the air just smells wonderful. But it's getting hot. Which i don't really like that much.

8. I got my drivers license. Yep, finally at the grand old age of 28 years 11 months. It took me 3 flippin' times to get it though. And i'm not sure how many weird looks i got when i said i wanted to try for my least 6 i think. So i'm old, get used to it! I can't drive by myself yet....i have to drive supervised for a year. So dh has a whole year to teach me. Maybe he should take out the life insurance i've been bugging him about.

9. I'm clucky. I don't mind admitting it. Everytime i see a newborn baby i whine to dh that 'i want another baaaabyyyyyyyyy' and then pout. Oh well, next year maybe when i've had a full night sleep and can't remember what morning sickness is like.

10. I've lost heaps of weight this year. Ok so not HEAPS heaps but like 8kg heaps. Still at least 5 or 6 or 7 to go. When i finally do it i'll post my before and after pics so the whole world can see what a huge fatty i was and what a hot babe i am at the end. ;) ahhhh yeah, right. lol

I'll be back to blog more often. When something exciting happens. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sorry, who would have thought that having 2 kids would take up so much time. I rarely have time for blogging anymore.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007

I feel a little overwhelmed but at the same time relief. We have moved house. Just another rental but a better one. That is the relief. I am so happy with this house. It is nice and pleasant to live in. Since i have to be at home 24/7 i should at least get to live somewhere nice, right? Moving has been a hassel though. Real Estates are the pits. And it looks like we won't get all our bond back because we put holes in the lino when we were moving our ruddy big heavy glass dining table. Stupid thing. We bought a new one and gave the old one to Vinnies. We have had a few hassels with our new place - blocked pipes, running toilet and i can't use the laundry tubs yet...should be fixed soon i hope. Oh yeah.....and the plumber said he couldn't find our house(after waiting for him to come for 2 flippin weeks).....then turned up at 7pm to fix the blocked sewage pipes. That was yesterday after i noticed a horrible smell coming from the vent out the back. ewwwww.

Our house is still a mess but i'm getting to it a bit at a time. Its hard when you have a clingy baby that cries everytime i put him down or leaves his sight. Luckily my mum has been coming over and helping out heaps. She takes the kids and amuses them while i do some work. Still doesn't look like i've done anything at the end of the day....slowly slowly though. I will do it! Eventually. This century. Maybe.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My babies are growing up

Our video camera just came back from repairs so i was watching our old videos from when Ethan was a baby. Its amazing how much he's grown and changed. I mean he is 3 afterall. lol but it just amazes me. The baby on the screen just doesn't seem to be the same little terror i now have. He was so cute with his little black mullet hair-do and dimples. Thankfully he no longer has a mullet and its no longer black. I do miss those dimples though. Of course he's still as cheeky as hell but sometimes in an annoying 3 year old way instead of a cute baby way. lol

Nicholas is growing up too. He's 5mths old in a few days. 5 MONTHS! wow it just seems like yesterday that i found out i was pregnant. It was actually 1 year ago on the 17th February that i found out i was pregnant. He was both a planned baby and a surprise. I guess i can have my cake and eat it too. He's just the most precious thing ever.

I love my boys so much. I don't know what life would be like without them.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I hate screaming kids. At the moment i have 2 of them. Ethan is screaming because he's upset with me for putting him in his room and just because he can and Nicholas is upset because he is tired and i want him to go to sleep but he doesn't want to.

Makes me want to crawl in a hole.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Comet McNaught
My dh took some photos of the comet. This is the pick of the bunch i reckon.

Pentax MZ60, Sigma 28-80 Lens @ 28mm, 4 minutes @ F3.5, Konica 100ASA Film.
If you want to see some more:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Because i love my husband and i love his talent i thought i would showcase it a bit. My husband LOVES photography so much so that we just spent over $80 on getting a heap of slide film developed.
Here's some of my faves from over the years......

And some b&w....

More later......