Friday, March 30, 2007

I feel a little overwhelmed but at the same time relief. We have moved house. Just another rental but a better one. That is the relief. I am so happy with this house. It is nice and pleasant to live in. Since i have to be at home 24/7 i should at least get to live somewhere nice, right? Moving has been a hassel though. Real Estates are the pits. And it looks like we won't get all our bond back because we put holes in the lino when we were moving our ruddy big heavy glass dining table. Stupid thing. We bought a new one and gave the old one to Vinnies. We have had a few hassels with our new place - blocked pipes, running toilet and i can't use the laundry tubs yet...should be fixed soon i hope. Oh yeah.....and the plumber said he couldn't find our house(after waiting for him to come for 2 flippin weeks).....then turned up at 7pm to fix the blocked sewage pipes. That was yesterday after i noticed a horrible smell coming from the vent out the back. ewwwww.

Our house is still a mess but i'm getting to it a bit at a time. Its hard when you have a clingy baby that cries everytime i put him down or leaves his sight. Luckily my mum has been coming over and helping out heaps. She takes the kids and amuses them while i do some work. Still doesn't look like i've done anything at the end of the day....slowly slowly though. I will do it! Eventually. This century. Maybe.


Lee said...

Hey Andrea! wanted to let you know I tagged you.
I hope you are feeling settled!!!

Misty said...

It is SO hard to move. We've done it several times, although we are now settled into a house we've bought. Be patient with yourself as much as you can. I can empathize with a clingy baby, my 3rd has about done me in. It's gets better though, at they get older!! Cheers to you, and sending best wishes!