Friday, March 31, 2006

Well turns out the the pics were on the computer but i just couldn't find them! lol

So here are some that i thought i would share.

Our second date(Oct 02)at Springbook. LOL You can tell i wanted my photo taken.

This is November 02, when dh came to visit me. We went to see the last remaining snow. Sorry its a little dark.

This is on the same day...and really has nothing to do with anything, but i just wanted to cry about how skinny i was then!! *sob, sob*

Now for some wedding pics!

For some reason i love this pic. We had just come out of the temple and my 'new' dh was trying to kiss me and i was embarrassed because there were all these people about! lol

On top of the Sydney Australia Temple.

Another favourite pic.

At our second reception here in Toowoomba.

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Today i asked my husband what i should blog about, since i was running out of ideas. His suggestion was that i write about how wonderful he is. So, i thought, sure. Sounds good. So this post is about how wonderful my husband is.

I was going to post a pic but as i went to browse i realised that my wonderful husband, when transferring all my info from the pc to the laptop didn't transfer any pics. Or maybe i'm just too dumb to find them. Whatever the reason, you will have to imagine that this sample pic from Windows is of my husband- just use your imagination.
I'll start with our 'love story' and go from there ;)

I met my hubbie in October 2002. That is when we met 'officially' in real life for our first and second date. We had 'met' months earlier in an LDS Chat room. Though he will deny it and i still don't think his parents know where we met.

I was taken in by his funny nickname, sense of humour and his serious addiction to flirting with me. He was the biggest flirt i had ever come across. By September 02 i knew that i had to meet this guy that was taking up so much of my time and thoughts, so flew to meet him. Here in Australia we don't have the luxury of having LDS guys to pick and choose from, otherwise there would probably be no way i was flying 15ookms just to meet some guy who could be a total psycho. I wasn't really least i keep telling myself that....but hey, by LDS standards i was seriously close to being on the shelf. ;)

We met up at an ice cream parlour called Cold Rock. Best ice cream in the entire universe btw. I thought he looked better in real life then the completely dodgey photo he had emailed me, which was a huge relief. After giving me a quick check over to make sure i wasn't fat, he says it was love at first sight. awwwwwwwwww. We then went roller skating. Yep, rollerskating, which i hadn't done for donkeys years. He fell over. I didn't. ;) That night he didn't drop me back to where i was staying until 3am. We talked and walked and went to see the Temple which was under construction. It was a great night.

A couple of days later we went on another date. This time we went for the day to Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. I had never been there before so it was kinda exciting. So we hiked down to this waterfall. So nice! This is where is gets mushy. So please turn away if you need to puke, we don't need any more accidents on computers do we?

I had told him before we met that if he ever wanted to kiss me he would have to ask me first. The reason being, i didn't want to suddenly get a big ol' pash from someone who i had discovered to be repulsive. So while we were down at the waterfall he asked me if he could kiss me! Now why this is such a big deal is that he was my first boyfriend and i had never been kissed before so i was totally panicking!!! Yes, i was 23(turning 24 that month) and still no love for me(unless you count my Latino stalker...but i wont go into that now). So after what seemed like an eternity...i'm sure it was pretty close to that. I answered and said 'yes' he could kiss me. Which he did. He then told me that he loved me. WOAH!!!! Hang on, second date and your telling me you love me! This doesn't happen in real life, especially not to me! But it was true and still is :)

After i flew back home a couple of days later. We talked and decided we were 'going out' LOL such a stupid expression and soooo highschoolish. But nevertheless, we were an item and just mentioning that i had a boyfriend to anyone was extremely strange and freaky.

We continued our long distance relationship for a whole painful month before he drove down to see me in November 02. He tells me that he thought about proposing to me then but thought it was too quick so he waited a whole month more to do it ;) We got engaged on Christmas Day 2002. 4 months later...4 months of not seeing each other, we got married in the Sydney Australia Temple - 26th April 2003. I would love to include a wedding pic but all i have is this, just use your imagination:

And here we are coming up to our 3rd year anniversary. Time has gone fast but kinda slow at the same time. I probably should get around to telling you how great my husband is. He told me to say he was a good provider and good in bed....well i'm sure i can come up with something better then that to say!

I can honestly say that he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I have always had horrible self esteem and still think i look like a man, but when he looks at me and tells me i'm beautiful - i feel beautiful. And he doesn't even think my ears stick out! How good is that? (i have serious issues with my ears)

He makes me feel like a good mum, although i never feel like one. You see a pattern here? He just makes me feel like i am all those things that i don't think i am.

I still love his sense of humour and i love that he is so passionate about his hobbies, although yes, sometimes i feel like throwing anything to do with a train and camera or a computer out of the window.

He is a good provider and he got a promotion at work, which begins in April. I'm so proud of him for that!

He does the 'night shift' with Ethan and doesn't complain. Much ;)

He sometimes does things i ask him to housework, which i know he hates. But hey, who doesn't?

He loves our babies, even the one who isn't born yet. You should have seen his face when i came out of the toilet with the positive preg test! Priceless! At that stage i think he was more excited then i was...of course i was in that explains my reaction.

And the most wonderful-est thing of all is that HE LOVE ME! No guy has ever loved me before and it still blows my mind.

And the other thing he mentioned that he was good at....i won't even go there!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

"Mischief, thou art afoot"......William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

My little boy is a mischief maker. He's only 2 so i accept that, sometimes he does naughtly things on purpose sometimes not. Being 2 i am also trying to get him to 'go' on the potty. I'm not really pushing it but most days i give him some nappy free time after his bath. He thinks it's hilarious that he gets to run around naked and then run away from me when i try and dress him. Usually it requires Daddy's help too to get him dressed. Basically Daddy holds him so i can dress him, otherwise he'd be naked forever.
Yesterday we were playing in the backyard....well he was playing i was sitting down watching, and he decided to take his nappy off. Which i was fine with considering we were in the backyard and any accidents wouldn't need to be cleaned up. So after it got dark we came inside and i made dinner and we settled down for the night. Ethan is still half naked and i didn't really have a desire to chase after him to get that nappy on. I'm still feeling like crap, now with a cold and morning sickness. He peed 3 times - not in the potty. I seriously don't think he even knows what its for even though i thought he understood. So i cleaned everything up, thinking that ok, how much can his bladder hold?? I thought he was done for the moment. Boy was i wrong.

I wanted to watch the Commonwealth Games and Ethan wanted to watch Thomas so i put Thomas on dhs laptop, on the living room floor. And guess what he did then? Yep, he peed all over the laptop! dh was livid. So now the mouse pad doesn't work and some of the buttons don't work either.
It's a rental and was due for an upgrade. Now it's way overdue for an upgrade. Oh boy.

So my lesson learned this week - always keep little boys 'equipment' away from laptops.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

In memory of Robert Cyril Blissett
15 May 1942 - 16 March 2005

We love you dad!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Out of the mouth of babes

There was a time when i thought Ethan would never talk. He just seemed to babble away with nothing even resembling english. Then suddenly he could talk. It appeared to happen overnight. He has always been a chatter box. Someone once told me that he sounded like Boo from Monsters Inc. And its true! He sounded just like her. But now he can say actual words and its great! I feel so proud of if i personally am responsible for him being able to talk.

But of course with his new found ablility to converse comes the newfound ability to refuse everything. "NO" is one of his favourite words. Why do kids always learn that first??? He can't say yes, just "NO". Even if i ask him if he wants something and i know he wants it, he will automatically say no first. Sounds kinda familiar. When someone asks me to do something my first reaction is "NO!!!!!", before logic and guilt take over. Thats whats so great about kids, they never feel guilty about saying no.
His other favourite thing to say is "whats that?". This has taken on the same stigma as the dreaded "why?". He will ask "whats that?" about everything!!

him: whats that?
me: dinner
him: whats that?
me: ITS YOUR DINNER! said in a controlled non yelling voice of course

him: whats that?
me: the bath
him: whats that?
me: the water, your going to have a bath

...and on and on it goes. At least he will never get into something without knowing all about it first.
His most recent and cutest thing is the word "sore". When dh had his appendix out he had 3 incisions and we had to tell Ethan that he couldn't jump on daddys tummy because it was sore. He quickly picked up the word and now everything that doesn't look like normal skin is a sore. I have a mole on my face (like Cindy Crawford but better) and that is a sore to him. He looks at me then points and says "sore" then proceedes to try and pick it off! Because, as we all know, every sore must be picked.
Since i've had morning sickness and in an attempt to stop him jumping on me, i told him that my tummy was sore. Now, of course, his tummy is sore. And so is the large freckle that he has on his ankle. Its too funny, really. I guess its one of those things where you have to be here to appreciate it! lol

Everyday he seems to learn a new words. Bubbles is something he learned the other day. And yesterday he came out with "bye bye toodle-oo". Nice!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Skanky. Thats how i feel. You know i haven't washed my hair in about a week. You know how greasy hair gets when you don't wash it? Please don't answer that, i already know. I have it living on my head in all its putrid glory. But thats just the start.
If someone came to my house right now they would probably run away screaming. Its embarassing really. Even if i don't have all the nice things in life and nice furniture and a nice house, i at least try to keep it clean and looking respectable. But not now. It looks like a rubbish tip. If i described it i'm sure i would make you all sick. It makes me sick. It makes me sad. I wish i had a magic wand or even a magic husband who would clean up everything and make it nice again.....but all i have is a mum who comes over every few days and does the dishes for me.
So we are left to live in our squallor until i feel better again. I pray everyday that it will be sooner rather then later.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Magic of Life...

Yes, kinda of a sappy title but i'm feeling kinda sappy. Those pregnancy hormones have kicked in rather strong. I find myself crying while watching The Biggest Loser. How pathetic is that?!
I was never an overly emotional person. My sister used to cry everytime we watched The Man From Snowy River II, when Deny the horse died. And i used to think...."ummm hello??? what is wrong with you?? its a movie!!" But you know what? Since i had my son, i'm a sap. Total sap. I can probably find some excuse to cry in every movie i watch. Of course now i also cry during commercials and silly reality shows.
And what can we blame it on? Hormones of course! That stuff that we can't see that causes moisture to burst from our eyes at random and make total fools out of ourselves in public.
I remember when i was about 8mths pregnant with Ethan i had bought a gift voucher for dh for Christmas. It was a gift voucher for a clothing store because he needed more clothes. So we went to see what we could buy. Turns out my dh likes to dress like an old man and this store was more for younger trendier people, not his taste at all. So i burst into tears, right in the middle of the mall. Crying my eyes out because there was nothing in there that dh liked.
Ahhh yes, the ultimate shame (other then your water breaking in the middle of a chinese restaurant).

And unfortuately those blasted hormones are right there from the start. When your baby is the size of a mustard seed your a psycho crazy witch. Isn't it amazing that something so small can cause so much trouble???
I just turned 7 weeks today and last Saturday i had an ultrasound done and my baby was measuring 5.3mm. Thats like the size of a pea. You would think something that small couldn't get up to much mischief. But the little scamp is causing heaps of mischief. I think we'll have to have words when he decides to face me on the outside.....of course by then i'll be an even bigger sap and forget all the trouble he's causing me now because he will be so cute and defenseless.

But seriously, the magic of life. Life is magic. The fact that 2 tiny parts of our bodies join(i'm talking about the egg and sperm dh would deny there is anything else 'tiny' about him) and voila! baby. It just amazes me how they grow and develop. How the brain developes and the heart. How their little finger nails grow and then feeling them kick around in there.
It's so utterly amazing!!! Is anyone else in awe of this? Or am i just sappy?