Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is over for another year.....

For some reason in the past few years i haven't looked forward to Christmas. Just seems like the magic was gone and its always so damn hot its hard to enjoy. The only good thing about it was eating as much as i like guilt-free.

But having kids has rekindled the magic just a little for me. Last year i was so excited for Ethan to be able to open his present and actually enjoy it since he was 22mths old. But, he was struck down with tonsilitis just before Christmas and hardly had the strength to stand let alone open his presents. We ended up having to take him back to an after hours dr on Boxing Day just as all our family was arriving for Christmas celebrations at our house. Add that to the heat(about 37C in the house) and you have a pretty crappy Christmas.

This year i wanted it to be different. I was hoping for a cooler temp since we have been having unseasonally cold weather(Victoria actually had a white Christmas!!) and Ethan was showing no signs of being sick. We decided to have Christmas at my sisters place about 1 1/2 hours East of here. We divided up the food and other things to bring amoungst ourselves and planned on having a relaxing day just veging out and you do. So thats what we did. We got up at 7am and mum came over and we opened pressies. The look on Ethans face as he opened each present was priceless. I'm so glad he wasn't sick and he was able to enjoy it all. The weather was nice and actually I've been wearing winter pjs for the last week or so. lol He loved his 'toss 'pute' or in english that translates to 'Thomas Computer' he got a Thomas and Friends Laptop off daddy. He LOVES it.
He also got a bike and Wiggles helmet. A hobby horse off Granma and a few other Thomas things, oh and a Wiggles sun hat from granma too. He's got spoiled this year. Nicholas got a couple of cute things. But I guess when your 11 weeks old you don't really care. lol
We had bacon and eggs for breakfast then made our way down to my sisters.
It was 32C and muggy. I didn't want to get out of the car that was sitting at a nice comfortable 20C. After lunch we decided it was way too hot and went to invade her inlaws. They have a/c and a pool. Score!
So other then the heat it was a good day. Here's some pics -

And these are possums.....just in case you didn't know. Very special christmas possums. Ok so not really, they were outside my sisters house on the power lines. I think they're cute!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone has and is having a great Christmas. I will have exciting anicdotes and pics to follow later. ;) maybe.... lol

Thursday, December 21, 2006

You know, i knew that artistic talent ran in the family. My dad was an excellent painter, my brother is an excellent sketcher, my uncle paints and has had exhibitions. I used to paint and draw but don't have time anymore....i was kinda OK...the more i did it the better i was...pity I've almost lost my talent. BUT it pleases me to see my son Ethan is displaying the same talent.

At the moment he has a slight obsession with snowmen. I have no idea why but he loves them. he likes to draw them on the chalk board. Here's an example of some of his work - i drew the 2 round circles of the snowman's body he did the rest:

Its nice to see that this snowman is anatomically correct - he has boobs and a belly button and boy bits. No, that's is not a third leg. And if your wondering about that thing floating above his head - that's his hat.
My child is a genius.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

You know i think us Australians are a little crazy. Not crazy-psycho, crazy-weird. Last night we went looking at Christmas lights. There is a funeral home that does a killer display(pardon the pun) every year. Its the best in town i reakon. Other then the gorgeous displays they have free plum pudding with custard, tea and coffee. They also have a sausage sizzle and drinks that you can buy. What a way to rake in the business.....lights AND food. Donations are welcome and all money goes to some suicide prevention fund(which my dh finds funny - can you guess why??lol) Anyhow this year they added something else.....FREE ice cream!!!! You can guarantee i will go anywhere there is free ice cream.

This would generally be a great idea considering we do celebrate Christmas in summer but this year our weather has been weird. So much for global warming - we have been having cold days sprinkled amoungst very hot days. Last night it was cold. It was windy. We had the heater on in our car. We had jackets on!!! Outside temp was 13 degrees celsius. I know, not mega cold but c'mon its summer!!!

We get to the funeral home and make our way to the entrance...its cold, its windy. I was wishing i had a scarf and gloves......we walk pass the ice cream van.....'would you like a free ice cream???' someone asks me......'YES!!!!!' of course i want a free ice cream, its not like its winter or anything. Its summer, of course i want to eat ice cream!!!!!

It was damn good too. Free food tastes so much better then food i've had to pay for, wouldn't you agree???

Here's a pic of me and Ethan in front of the winter display...complete with fake snow. Please excuse the painful look on my face. 12kgs sitting on your legs is difficult when your off balance to start with and i was talking to dh too at the time. lol


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

As i was getting a little bored with my blog i thought some christmas cheer might be nice and i will revamp my entire blog in the new year...maybe when i've got some more time!!!