Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fruit Cake Truffles

Merry Christmas everyone! to get in the Christmas spirit this year i decided to make Fruit Cake Truffles instead of Oreo Truffles. Same principle, slightly different ingredients.

You will need -

-1 packet of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (i use light to try and counter-act the effect of the chocolate ;) )
-3/4 of a fruit cake. - i just buy a Homebrand dark fruit cake. You could use light if you wanted too.
- 2 blocks of chocolate for dipping. I like Dairy Fine from Aldi.

  • Crumble the fruit cake into a bowl. Then add your cream cheese. Beat until it resembles cookie dough.
  • Roll into balls and place on a tray. I use a small melon baller to help me get even size balls.
  • Refrigerate until they are firm.
  • Dip in melted chocolate and place on a tray that has been covered in baking paper.
  • Make it fancy by sprinkling on crushed candy cane, choc sprinkles or drizzle with white chocolate. You can even roll them in coconut. Whatever takes your fancy. I also like adding essences to my dipping chocolate - so in mine i did some orange, some peppermint and some plain. Have fun and be creative!

Try not to eat them all at once.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost Christmas!!!

Two Mondays ago (yeah, i'm a bit late) we had a gingerbread man making FHE. I made 30 gingerbread men for Ethan's class at school and then the left overs got decorated and eaten by us. they were yum!!

Ethan's -
All lined up and ready to be packed!
It was fun!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Female Koel
Female and Male together. He was trying to get frisky and she was trying to get away from him. typical.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hollywood Style!

This post is for my sister Chrissii. I made these hair combs for her for the Hollywood Stake Ball. So Chrissii you can pick which ones you want. Or you can have both! :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pale -Headed Rosella!

I was standing in the kitchen eating my lunch when i looked out in the backyard and there were 2 pale-headed rosellas walking around! I RAN to get my camera. I am so glad i was able to get a good pic this time! SO EXCITED!!
And thank you Graham for not mowing for a while because they were feeding on the dandelion flowers.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Australasian "Green" Figbird
I was very excited to see this one because i didn't know what it was. lol The common everyday birds like crows and magpie aren't very exciting. It took me a little while to identify but i'm pretty sure this is a male Green Figbird. I took a ton of pics but this was the best one. Very hard to take pics at such a distance. Another Figbird came and they had a midair fight. Unfortunately i wasn't quick enough with the camera to take a pic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've decided to take photos of all the birds i see so these are some of them. I need to get photos now of the ones i've observed but didn't capture.

- Rainbow Lorikeet
Pale-Headed Rosella
- Kookaburra
- male Koel aka Storm Bird
Eastern Great Egret
Blue-faced Honeyeater with a Noisey Miner

I'll post more birds as i see them. It's amazing that i never really noticed how many birds there are around until i started birdwatching. I go out in my backyard and the air is full of bird calls. It's so beautiful!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bird Watching

Over the last few weeks i've started bird watching. It's so fun!! I was inspired by some friends who do it and so i bought a field guide and Graham bought some binoculars and then i found a check list on a website, so i've been finding birds and checking them off the list! Whenever we go somewhere i always take my field guide and my binos. Last weekend i found some King Parrots and Red-Browed Finches. They are so cute and beautiful. Today i saw a bird of prey - it was too far away and flying to fast for me to identify. But it was either a juvenile Periguin Falcon, a Little Eagle or some sort of Kite. I'm counting it as a sighting though!! lol So with that one today i have found 19 different birds in and around where i live.
I found a Kookaburra on my neighbours tv aerial. I need to take more pics of the birds i find.


It's Spring although the last couple of days you wouldn't know it. It's been freezing! We had our fire going last night but unfortunately we only have 2 pieces of wood left so it will probably be rationed. Anyhow, since it's spring and we actually have water now and can water our gardens(by bucket after 4pm) i decided to have another go and planting a veggie garden. I bought a 'friend' for our lonely tomato plant and it is growing SO well. I swear it's doubled in size since i bought it last week. I also planted radishes and they have also sprouted! YAY! I love radishes in a yummy salad. I also seem to have sprouted another plant that is NOT a radish. It may be a cuccumber since i planted some of those too but they haven't sprouted. I just have this rouge seedling that is obviously not a radish come up with them. lol I guess we will just have to wait and find out what it is. :) Those are just in pots but i plan to dig up the bigger garden in the backyard soon :) Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Doily Do-over
I was blessed to be given several doilies from my Aunts mother-in-law after she passed away(the MIL not the aunt ;)) So what is one to do with so many doilies? I am not really a doily person. I think they are beautiful works of art and as a crochet-er i appreciate the work that goes into them so i didn't want to waste them or give them away. Some of them are just gorgeous! I've seen cute things been done with doilies on blogs so i thought i would give it a go to do a Doily Do-over!!!
And so i made a shrug. I have never had a shrug and i'm not even su
re i'm a shrug person but i think i can become one with just the right clothes to go with it and maybe if i lost a little weight so i don't look like a quarterback.

I had 4 rectangle doilies that were just the right size. 2 longer one
s for the front and 2 shorter ones for the back.

I sewed them together carefully on my sewing machine with black thread because i was going to dye them since 2 were white and 2 were cream. And thread sometimes doesn't dye so i went with black instead of white. I sewed them down the back, sides and shoulders.

Then i dyed it. It didn't come out black but it did come out this nice greyish blue which i actually really like.
Then i sewed on some velvet black ribbon.
And voila! one doily shrug.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blog Changes

My blog is going through some changes. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy. My blog has gone crazy. If anyone knows how to fix it please drop me a line. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Singed Flower Hair Accessory Tutorial
What you need -

  • Candle
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Organza or Chiffon or other synthetic fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Beads or brads
  • Matching felt
  • Elastic, bobby pins or clips

Step 1. Cut circles of fabric. About 4 or 5 pieces depending on how full you want your flower to be. My pieces start from about 2.5cm(1inch) and the biggest is about 9cm(3.5in).

Step 2. Light your candle and singe the edges of each piece of fabric. You won't need to put your fabric IN the flame, just hold it above and the heat will make it curl. This can take some practice. Don't hold it over for too long or it will melt completely. You need to be quick and move it around.
These are all the pieces done. The bigger ones i've singed in the middle of the petal so it's not so bowl shaped.
Step 3. Assemble. Just lay the pieces on top of each other.

Step 4. Sew together. Get some matching thread or you can use invisible thread and sew them together in the middle. Just a couple of stitches and then you can thread on some beads and secrure them with a couple more stitches. DONE! almost..... Step 5. Cut 2 pieces of felt - one circle and one rectangle that will fit inside the circle. Sew down two sides as shown to make a little 'tunnel'. That's for elastic or clip to go in.

Step 6. Hot glue it to the back of your flower.
Step 7. Insert elastic or clips.

And if you are feeling adventurous you can even make baby ones and do something like this -

Try it with different fabrics and colours. You can also use them to accessorize your clothes if you want.

I made this one out of ribbon for my 6yr old niece and used brads in the middle instead of beads.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Homemade Cleaning Products

I've been experimenting with homemade cleaning products. I LOVE that i make my own baby wipes. And they cost me $2.77 instead of the $4-5 i was paying. But as much as they are great for wiping bottoms and messy mouths i didn't really want to use them for cleaning other things. I love kitchen wipes. So easy but also pricey. So i found a recipe for homemade cleaner. Who knew it was so easy!? I know lots of people already know about the excellentness that is vinegar but i'm a little slow on the uptake. But that's ok, i've now 'discovered' it. I made my own Spray Cleaner and it is fabulous.

For a while now i've been buying Earth Choice products. They are grey water safe and cheap! So i have incorporated the Floor and Surface Cleaner into my own.

So for the recipe you need-
A spray bottle
1/8 cup Earth Choice Floor and Surface Cleaner
1/4 cup white vinegar (Homebrand. It's so cheap it's like you never bought it.)
And then top the bottle up with water. Give it a shake and away you go! I like to label my stuff too so i know what it is. Total cost per bottle - 11cents. Not including the bottle. Cost of shop bought spray of the same quantity - $3.87

Then came the Cleaning Wipes. You will need -

1 roll of Viva Paper Towel (i recommend this brand because it is the only one that doesn't fall apart when wet)
1/8 cup Earth Choice Floor and Surface Cleaner or cleaner of your choice
1/4 cup white vinegar
1 1/4 cup of water
a cylinder container with lid (cost me $4 at Woolies)

First off remove the cardboard roll out of the middle of the paper towel. You will be pulling from the centre so you don't need it in there.

In the container mix all your liquid ingredients. Then place the paper towel in there pushing down if you need too so it fits inside. Pop the lid on and wait for it all to absorb and for no reason other then my own quirkiness i turn the container upside down while it's absorbing. Total cost for this is $2.10 per roll - 60 sheets per roll. I use it in my kitchen or for wet dusting of furniture. Cost of shop bought kitchen wipes - $4.85 for 40 wipes.
I also made my own Laundry Powder. It so easy!

You will need for 1 batch (32 loads)-
1 cup Borax ( you can find it at Bunnings)
1 cup Washing Soda (in the laundry aisle at Woolies)
2 bars of laundry soap (i use Woolies brand)
A container to put it in (The Reject Shop has cheap jars)
A 1/8 cup scoop (which i already had in my kitchen)

First off cut up your soap, just roughly chop it with a sharp knife. I then wizzed it in my hand blender. You want it to be like a powder. Place the Soap, Borax and Washing Soda in the jar, put the lid on and shake it around to mix it. And that's it. Use 1/8 cup(or 2 tablespoons) scoop per load of washing. The cost of this is $3.44 per batch. That's 10 cents per load!! I compared that with the Aldi brand of laundry liquid that i usually buy and it is $5.99 per 2L bottle - 37 cents per load. Over 3 TIMES the cost.

Homemade Stain Remover

This was a bit of an experiment. And i am pleased with the results.

What you need -

750ml Spray bottle (i recycled one that i had)
1/4 cup bleach( I used White King)
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon of your homemade laundry powder(i made a seperate batch just for using for stain remover)

Put the first 3 ingredients in and then top up the bottle with water. Just mix it all up in your bottle.

I experimented with one of Lachlan's outfits. These are fresh 'stains'of chocolate, warm milo and baby drool. I first washed it in my laundry powder and most of the stains came out. I just wanted to see how much it cleans. There were a few dots of brown still left up near the collar which was the messiest spot.
I sprayed it with the stain remover and left it for 5-10 minutes and washed it again. It came out pretty clean!
In future of course i will spray the stains first and then wash. I just wanted to see how much came out in the regular wash. If you wanted a strong stain remover i'd try experimenting with the quantity of bleach.
The cost of my 750ml bottle of Spray Stain Remover was 22 cents. See if you can find a stain remover that cheap in the shops.