Thursday, April 27, 2006

My baby is growing up!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. 3 years. 3 long, long years. Just kidding! It has gone fast actually, although that could be because we are just so darn boring that nothing really happens to make it feel like we have lived a lifetime in just 3 years. And dh really is an easy person to get along with, its not too painful.
So anyway, since our little man Ethan is 2 and we are expecting our next baby in October, i figured that this anniversary would be the last for a while that we could have the night to ourselves. Ethan has never spent the night away from us before but since he is in love with his Grandma so much i figured it was worth a try.

We planned dinner and then a stay over at a motel(we decided to be rebels and book into a place about 10 minutes from our house instead of one 5 minutes away). I booked the Executive Spa room. Very nice!
Mum came and picked up Ethan at around 4pm and there was no dramas there. We checked into our motel just after 5pm and like all couples planning a romantic getaway without the kids, turned on the TV to see what was on Austar!!!! Austar is like a cable company in case you were wondering. For the record - there was nothing on! 10 channels and nothing.
We had a nice dinner at La Porchettas and grabbed some Maison on the way back to the motel. The mini bar was making me wish i drank so we had to have something! lol

Of course i kept wondering if Ethan was ok. What was he doing? I wonder if he went to sleep ok? Mum would call us if there was a problem, right? Should we call just in case?
This was all discussed over dinner and was pretty much the extent of our conversation.....other then the huge meals dh ordered that i was sure he wouldn't be able to eat. He did.

I've never spent so much time away from Ethan. I missed him! I missed him jumping on us in the morning and saying 'wake up!!!!' but he can't say the 'k' sound so its like 'wate up' and i missed his big kisses and cuddles he gives us. He's so damn cute!!!!!
Apparently he was fine last night, went right to sleep when he was supposed to and everything. Not quite sure why he won't do that at home! We picked him up this morning and got all those kisses and cuddles anyway.

Ethans first big sleep over accomplished. Mums first big sleep over accomplished.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well i'm not quite sure what to say for today. If i was a better writer i'm sure i could come up with something poetic and moving but i'm not a great writer.
Its ANZAC day and we went up to the Memorial Service at 10am. Dh got up for the dawn service, i should have gone but i doubt Ethan would have liked that. Plus it has turned rather cold in the mornings, so getting up at 7am is early enough for me.

We walked the 1/2 hour to the War Memorial. The parade was just starting when we got there at 10. We bought some Aussie flags to wave.
The ceremony was nice and i admit i got a tear or two in my eye. I feel so sad for those who have lost their lives but so glad that they made that scarifice and continue to, so we can live in such a great country and to try and make this world a better place.

Binyon's Poem
They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning,
"Lest We Forget"

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I've been tagged! Thanks Sunny because now i have something to blog about :)

6 Weird Things Meme

1. Hellium enhanced voices FREAK me out! My dh bought home a bunch of balloons the other day from work(store promotion) and so like all 33 yr old men, he had to inhale some hellium so he has a funny voice. IT TOTALLY FREAKS ME OUT!!! I hate that its not his voice coming out of his mouth!

2. I hang my clothes according to colour. Although at the moment they aren't as nicely done as i would like, but since half of my clothes are still packed from when we moved in OCTOBER, and we have no wardrobes i've kinda let it slip. But i love all my clothes hanging according to colour and in each colour they must hang from darkest to lightest. But not like shirts and pants mixed together they have to be seperate and in their own colours, kwim?

3. I love winter. I know people think this is weird because i have been told so. But i love the cold. I love wearing layers of clothing, i love seeing my breath in the air. I love watching and waiting to see if it will snow. I love the frost in the mornings. But i also love coming out of the cold and warming myself by a nice warm fire and having s'mores and hot milo. Is there really anything better?

4. I can't get into scrapbooking. Yes, i'm a woman, i'm a mum and i'm a mormon and i can't get into it! I've tried and i have some really cool stuff and sometimes i'll get some good ideas to run with but i just can't get into it like most people. My sister is a really cool scrapbooker and i'm totally jealous.

5. I love ELVIS. Yes, Elvis Presley. You may not know this about me. Its my dirty little secret i keep semi-hidden because of ridicule i have recieved in the past....mainly from my dh ;)
I have all sorts of Elvis stuff, not enough in my opinion. I really want a whole room for Elvis stuff and before i die i want to go to Gracelands.....actually when i die, just bury me next to Elvis and i'll be happy.

6. Whenever we move into a new house i totally have to roll on the carpet in all the rooms. It must be done before any furniture is moved in. I have no idea why, but i just HAVE to do that. My dh thinks its totally weird. But i think its fun :)

If you read this - You've been tagged!

Monday, April 10, 2006


You know in the movies when some chick has the hots for some guy and every guy she sees is him. Thats what i call obsession. My ds has an obsession. I have talked about it before - trains. He loves trains so much. He doesn't just go for Thomas, he's not really interested in the character, he just loves trains! All trains. But the problem is that, like the chick with the hots, he think every hooting or tooting or honking noise is a train. Why am I talking about this you wonder??

Well on Friday i went to the Antenatal Clinic at the hospital for my first appointment with a midwife. It's just a general health check, book into the hospital and to get my beloved Bounty Bag. The midwife asked me to hop up on the bed so she could measure my uterus(as you do) and to see if we could find a heartbeat!!! I was so excited! With Ethan, the midwife i saw then told me that 12 wks was too early to hear a heartbeat with a doppler. Whatever!
So yay for a nice midwife who knows what she's talking about.
Turns out i'm measuring 2 weeks ahead. Nice one, trust me to have a huge uterus. No wonder i am popping out all over the place.
Anyways, so she gets the doppler out and puts it on my tummy. It makes those nice whooshing noises while she tries to locate the heartbeat. Ethan, our ever obsessed 2 yr old, decided it sounds just like a train and pipes up "Tootoo!!!, Tootoo!!!"
I could harldy stop laughing! The midwife found the heartbeat and of course "Tootoo!!! Tootoo!!!". My Dh almost had to take him away because we were laughing so much and he kept saying it over and over.

So next month when i go to have my ultrasound to check the sex.....i think i'll ask the Tech to make sure it's not a train. YEE OUCH!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

So my blog is up and running again. Ok so it wasn't really down or anything, but at least you can read it now ;)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blog under construction.........

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So i had a few requests for my story on the Latino Stalker. Not sure there is much of a story really. Its probably way more boring then you all think ;)

It all started a few years ago. When i was single and living in Canberra ACT. I was sharing a house with my sister, her dh and their son/s(they had one, then they had two) I used to catch the bus to work every morning and more often then not i would walk down to the main road to catch the bus because one came every 5 minutes, where as the bus that came past my house didn't come so frequently. The walk from my house to the bus was about 10-15 minutes.

One day as i was walking to the bus stop i was greeted by a man coming from the shop after buying his morning paper. He said hello and stopped me and introduced himself. I can't remember his name, but he had an accent and was about 40. Over the next few 'visits' where he would seemingly accidently be coming from the shop and the same time i was passing it, he pretty much told me his whole life story. He was from Peru and was working for the University, something to do with Agriculture...blah blah blah. Of course i was nice and polite.

I worked for a Dr in an office opposite the mall and i would have lunch there everyday and friday nights i would go and visit my friend who worked at a muffin place in there. I started seeing him in the mall alot. For someone who worked in the University he spent an aweful lot of time on the opposite side of town.
One Saturday i managed to get to the bus stop without seeing him. I was heaving a sigh of relief when i looked up the road and who do i see???Yes, my Latino friend. How convenient! He starts the usual was I? Your so pretty! You have beautiful eyes! Then he asks if i have a boyfriend. I replied 'kind of'( i liked someone but he wasn't my boyfriend) he then asked me if my boyfriend told me i had beautiful eyes. Of course not *cough cough* fake boyfriend. He then said that men from his country always tell woman how beautiful they are. Then he asked me to the movies - to see a Beautiful Mind! I declined since tomorrow was sunday...thank goodness for the Sabbeth!!!

A few months later i moved. My sister and her family moved back to QLD and i got my own little apartment closer to town where i could walk to work. I still would see my Latino friend(he refered to himself as that) in the Mall and one time he invited me to his house to listen to music. Ummmm, yeah, whatever! Supposedly there was a group of people going to be there. But seriously, why would i do that? I graciously declined.

Then i got married and left for QLD myself. My poor Latino friend probably has no idea what happened to me. But thats ok...i'm sure he found another beautiful girl with beautiful eyes to stalk.