Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So i had a few requests for my story on the Latino Stalker. Not sure there is much of a story really. Its probably way more boring then you all think ;)

It all started a few years ago. When i was single and living in Canberra ACT. I was sharing a house with my sister, her dh and their son/s(they had one, then they had two) I used to catch the bus to work every morning and more often then not i would walk down to the main road to catch the bus because one came every 5 minutes, where as the bus that came past my house didn't come so frequently. The walk from my house to the bus was about 10-15 minutes.

One day as i was walking to the bus stop i was greeted by a man coming from the shop after buying his morning paper. He said hello and stopped me and introduced himself. I can't remember his name, but he had an accent and was about 40. Over the next few 'visits' where he would seemingly accidently be coming from the shop and the same time i was passing it, he pretty much told me his whole life story. He was from Peru and was working for the University, something to do with Agriculture...blah blah blah. Of course i was nice and polite.

I worked for a Dr in an office opposite the mall and i would have lunch there everyday and friday nights i would go and visit my friend who worked at a muffin place in there. I started seeing him in the mall alot. For someone who worked in the University he spent an aweful lot of time on the opposite side of town.
One Saturday i managed to get to the bus stop without seeing him. I was heaving a sigh of relief when i looked up the road and who do i see???Yes, my Latino friend. How convenient! He starts the usual conversation...how was I? Your so pretty! You have beautiful eyes! Then he asks if i have a boyfriend. I replied 'kind of'( i liked someone but he wasn't my boyfriend) he then asked me if my boyfriend told me i had beautiful eyes. Of course not *cough cough* fake boyfriend. He then said that men from his country always tell woman how beautiful they are. Then he asked me to the movies - to see a Beautiful Mind! I declined since tomorrow was sunday...thank goodness for the Sabbeth!!!

A few months later i moved. My sister and her family moved back to QLD and i got my own little apartment closer to town where i could walk to work. I still would see my Latino friend(he refered to himself as that) in the Mall and one time he invited me to his house to listen to music. Ummmm, yeah, whatever! Supposedly there was a group of people going to be there. But seriously, why would i do that? I graciously declined.

Then i got married and left for QLD myself. My poor Latino friend probably has no idea what happened to me. But thats ok...i'm sure he found another beautiful girl with beautiful eyes to stalk.


Steph said...

Why is it that the creepy guys are always the ones who know how to give the nice compliments???

I'm glad you "lost" him!

Rachelle said...

Glad you finally lost him!

Ramaja5 said...

LOL! Ok yeah that IS a stalker! When I used to go clubbing all the time, I always attracted that type of person, and I always wondered my friends didn't!! They got the sexy guys, but I was just as pretty. Then I figured it out...I was nice...they were snobby mean girls. Ugh the price you pay for being nice.

Taffi said...

"Ugh the price you pay for being nice."

That was always my problem - too darn nice! LOL

My SIL set me up on a blind date with some guy that barely spoke English. He asked me to marry him at the end of the night. Um, no. Can you say "I only want a green card?" LOL But being the too-nice person I was, I kept talking to him on the phone until he, thankfully, moved. But even then, he asked me to go with him! :0

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Wow, scary story! I'm glad it ended happily!

emlouisa said...


What a weirdo!