Monday, April 10, 2006


You know in the movies when some chick has the hots for some guy and every guy she sees is him. Thats what i call obsession. My ds has an obsession. I have talked about it before - trains. He loves trains so much. He doesn't just go for Thomas, he's not really interested in the character, he just loves trains! All trains. But the problem is that, like the chick with the hots, he think every hooting or tooting or honking noise is a train. Why am I talking about this you wonder??

Well on Friday i went to the Antenatal Clinic at the hospital for my first appointment with a midwife. It's just a general health check, book into the hospital and to get my beloved Bounty Bag. The midwife asked me to hop up on the bed so she could measure my uterus(as you do) and to see if we could find a heartbeat!!! I was so excited! With Ethan, the midwife i saw then told me that 12 wks was too early to hear a heartbeat with a doppler. Whatever!
So yay for a nice midwife who knows what she's talking about.
Turns out i'm measuring 2 weeks ahead. Nice one, trust me to have a huge uterus. No wonder i am popping out all over the place.
Anyways, so she gets the doppler out and puts it on my tummy. It makes those nice whooshing noises while she tries to locate the heartbeat. Ethan, our ever obsessed 2 yr old, decided it sounds just like a train and pipes up "Tootoo!!!, Tootoo!!!"
I could harldy stop laughing! The midwife found the heartbeat and of course "Tootoo!!! Tootoo!!!". My Dh almost had to take him away because we were laughing so much and he kept saying it over and over.

So next month when i go to have my ultrasound to check the sex.....i think i'll ask the Tech to make sure it's not a train. YEE OUCH!


lazymama said...

Aww the obsessions of children. Seems like trains have this strang effect on boys. Soo cute!

Mama Darlin' said...

I too can relate to the 'everything choo-choo' phase. Trains, planes, and automobiles are favorite past times of my litte boy, too.

lackrik said...

my ds loves trains too!

Can't wait till you find out what you're having! Hope it's NOT a train. ;)

Meemer said...

So cute! I'm sure he's going to be very dissapointed when his baby sibling gets here.

Jane said...

That is so cute! I too hope you are not giving birth to a train.

The Constant Gardener said...

Yay for hearing the too-too!

Sunny said...

ROFL! What a cutie-pattootie! He may be sorely dissapointed when a baby comes, lol.

And hey! You've been tagged! check out my blog.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I love the whole boy-trains thing. My youngest son went over to his friend Noah's house this morning for a play date and asked several times on the way there, "Will we play with the train tracks?"

I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!

Stacy said...

Brithing a train would SUCK!

Glad you heard the heartbeat! How exciting!!!