Thursday, April 27, 2006

My baby is growing up!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. 3 years. 3 long, long years. Just kidding! It has gone fast actually, although that could be because we are just so darn boring that nothing really happens to make it feel like we have lived a lifetime in just 3 years. And dh really is an easy person to get along with, its not too painful.
So anyway, since our little man Ethan is 2 and we are expecting our next baby in October, i figured that this anniversary would be the last for a while that we could have the night to ourselves. Ethan has never spent the night away from us before but since he is in love with his Grandma so much i figured it was worth a try.

We planned dinner and then a stay over at a motel(we decided to be rebels and book into a place about 10 minutes from our house instead of one 5 minutes away). I booked the Executive Spa room. Very nice!
Mum came and picked up Ethan at around 4pm and there was no dramas there. We checked into our motel just after 5pm and like all couples planning a romantic getaway without the kids, turned on the TV to see what was on Austar!!!! Austar is like a cable company in case you were wondering. For the record - there was nothing on! 10 channels and nothing.
We had a nice dinner at La Porchettas and grabbed some Maison on the way back to the motel. The mini bar was making me wish i drank so we had to have something! lol

Of course i kept wondering if Ethan was ok. What was he doing? I wonder if he went to sleep ok? Mum would call us if there was a problem, right? Should we call just in case?
This was all discussed over dinner and was pretty much the extent of our conversation.....other then the huge meals dh ordered that i was sure he wouldn't be able to eat. He did.

I've never spent so much time away from Ethan. I missed him! I missed him jumping on us in the morning and saying 'wake up!!!!' but he can't say the 'k' sound so its like 'wate up' and i missed his big kisses and cuddles he gives us. He's so damn cute!!!!!
Apparently he was fine last night, went right to sleep when he was supposed to and everything. Not quite sure why he won't do that at home! We picked him up this morning and got all those kisses and cuddles anyway.

Ethans first big sleep over accomplished. Mums first big sleep over accomplished.



Maine Mom said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad Ethan's first night away was a success. Take advantage of some more nights alone with your hubby before October!

Lei said...

it will get easier to leave him, andrea... beleive me! i was that way with my first...

Rachelle said...

I'm scared to leave my son. I need to do it, but it scares me. I'm glad you had fun and you give me courage!

Sunny said...

Yea - good for you! I'm glad you decided to enjoy your anniversary --- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY btw!

Rachau said...

Happy anniversary!
I am happy you had a great time.
Oh yummy La Porchettas.I love that place.Another great Melbounre thing lol.;)

Alissa said...

congratulations! That's such a relief to know he can survive without you if need be! Happy Anniversary!

smartmama said...

sounds like fun- amazing how the y sneak into our thoughts

emlouisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad Ethan did well and that you did too. I was nervous leaving my guy for the first time too but now I can't WAIT to get away again. :)