Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scrap happy!

Everyone knows that scrapbooking is of the devil right? First you get lured in because you like your photos to look all pretty. Then you start discovering stores all over town that have cool scrapbooking supplies that you just have to check out and which you inevitably spend hundreds of dollars in. Sucked in i tell you! And don't get me started on the sales! Actually i usually only buy stuff if they are on sale because otherwise they are usually as dear as poison. I've spent a few years scrapbooking now and then. I love making cards and invitations mostly although i have started Ethans scrapbook. Yeah, i've done like 3 or 4 pages. *cough* loser *cough*. The kid is 4 next month and i've only done that much. sheesh, i'm lame.

Anyhow then a friend....who we'll call Kristie...because thats her name, introduced me to digital scrapbooking. Holy addiction Batman! It's so easy - download some templates, download some free kits and whala! scrapbook page!!
Well it does take a bit more effort on my part but it's super fun and addictive. So in the last couple of weeks i've done what it took me a couple of years to do by hand, you know with real paper and stuff. lol I'm in love although i'm guessing that eventually i'm going to run out of free downloads and i'm going to have to pay up.

I think i have to credit the people who i got the downloads from before i go and post them on here, so i'll figure that out and then post them.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Happy New Year

Last year was the year from hell. I never thought it would end but it did and i'm glad. We had a great Christmas and a very uneventful New Years. We have a few exciting events planned for this year -

1. Ethans' birthday is next month. He's 4. How did my baby get to be 4??? He's growing up waaaay too fast, he's already acting like a teenager, how am i going to cope when he actually becomes one?!
2. Our 5th wedding anniversary in April - 5 whole years. wow.
3. Our trip to the US in September!!! I'm HUGELY excited about this. HUGELY!!
4. My 30th Birthday in October. Yes, i'm quietly freaking out at the thought of turning 30 but then again so is dh since he won't be married to a young chicky babe anymore. lol I am hoping to have a big party. You are all invited of course ;)

Oh and sometime in the next year i hope to have another baby. I don't know when. I'm not in a hurry really but yeah, sometime soon before i get too old and wrinkly would be nice.