Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jane Austen and Regency Wear

In the last month I've been making Regency clothes for the Jane Austen party i'm going too on the 23rd of July. I've got my dress, bonnet, spencer jacket and now my corset is almost done! 

My dress was pretty simple. I had a maternity dress that i hadn't worn for ages(even when i was pregnant) so i just made a new bodice out of some taupe chiffon and cream ribbon.

The bonnet i made from a straw hat using this tutorial. The fabric is the same as my dress.

The spencer jacket still needs some work. It need some long sleeves put in under the puffs.And i might even redo the whole thing.

The corset i made from this pattern and instructions. This is the second one i did and it turned out just perfectly. It took me several hours but i got it done in one day. It's extremely fiddly and time consuming but worth it. There are 18 eyelets up the back. I opted for metal eyelets rather then handsewing it. I'm not THAT crazy. lol I need to buy some cords for the back and i need a busk

Sorry those are crappy pics. Hopefully Graham will be able to make me a wooden busk for the center of my corset. And maybe i can lose some weight in the next month so i can fit into it. lol So now i just have 3 boys costumes and Graham's to make too. no sweat. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Changes

I am going to be making some changes to my blog layout and possibly a new over the next week or so don't stress if you see some funky things happening. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ruffle Skirt

I used this tutorial to make this skirt. Turned out good i think. :)

It's 2 sheets i bought at the op shop this morning. Grand total of $3. The elastic was more expensive because i bought that new at Woolies. It was $4 something for a packet. The lace was a curtain my mum gave me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My {Boys} Creations

I found a pair of ladies pants from Katies at the op-shop for $1. They are now a cute pair of pants for Lachlan. I used a pj bottom pattern to get the general shape. I kept the original band on the pants and added elastic at the back-as you can see in the first pic here.
Super cute!
This was a mens t-shirt. Now it has a v neck and it opens with snap clips on one shoulder.
I made this from scratch. It's just a plain tshirt with 2 snap clips on each shoulder that a bib can be clipped onto. When you don't want the bib on you just clip the white shoulder thingys on.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Shoe Fixup {SpongeBob Style}

Lachlan LOVES his SpongeBob shoes. Unfortunately they were falling apart. He's been wearing them broken because he just won't wear any other pair of shoes! So today i decided they were broken enough for me to fix them. lol

see?! all the velcro was coming off and the part up the front was broken so the strap had nothing to slip through.

First i cut off the straps and the middle strap holder(i have no idea what the real name for that part is) and cut new pieces out of black FOE. I also cut 2 new pieces of velcro(the fuzzy side).
Then i hand sewed the velcro on to the ends of the new straps and rounded the ends off so it wasn't spikey. I could have machine sewed it but i was too lazy to get lift my machine from the floor to the table. lol I used thick thread too and a nice strong needle.
Then i sewed the little middle strap holders on and i sewed it over existing stitching so you can't even tell. :) Then i threaded the straps on like they are supposed to be and sewed the ends onto the shoes. Finally i hot glued pieces of black felt over the parts i sewed so that it was hidden and it won't rub on his cute little feet.
The Summer {winter} Boy

It's not often you come across blogs that cater to boys. And since i HAVE 3 boys it's rather disappointing. But then i came across MADE. Best blog ever for boys! I can't seem to stop sewing little boys clothes and i always seem to have ideas floating around my head. lol YAY FOR BOYS!!!!