Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woe is Me

Yeah, i know, i'm a complete whinger. But seriously, other then having the wonderful squishy baby at the end of it, why would anyone choose to be pregnant? And why am i doing this for the third time?? I must be crazy. As you can tell i don't exactly enjoy being pregnant. The 9 mths of sickness, the muscle pain, the constipation (yeah, that was pleasant), the varicose veins, the breathlessness, the dizziness, the restless legs, the insomnia, the exhaustion, the feeling-like-crap-all-day feeling, the backache, the tailbone ache, the sore hips, the swollen feet and last but not least the wonderful feeling that the baby is trying to claw his way out through my cervix.....with an ice pick.

But the good news is that i am 31 weeks today! I am counting down the next 6 weeks because at 37 weeks this baby get his eviction notice. At 37 weeks out comes the evening primrose oil, the clary sage oil, the accupressure and lots of walking and praying. Last time i did the shopping to try and help my contractions along. The check out woman thought i was going to have the baby right there! I had Nicholas the next day so i highly recommend going to Woolies when you need to get some contractions going. I have had both my boys early(39 weeks) so i'm hoping for the same result this time. And they were 9lbs and 9lbs 6.5oz so going overdue SCARES me!

I'm really looking forward to the actual birth. I wish i could have a home birth but Graham won't be in on it. I want to try and go as natural as possible this time...with maybe a little of the happy gas ;) Unfortunately my hospital only has showers so i don't get to have the waterbirth i would like but nevermind.

My boys are really looking forward to seeing the baby too. Ethan has felt the baby kick a few times now and he gets all excited. Nicholas LOVES babies and just wants to hold it now but i keep telling him that he needs to grow a bit bigger. lol I can't wait to see their faces when they come and visit for the first time at the hospital.

We have no idea what we are going to call this little munchkin. Ethan suggested Gate Opener but we have finally convinced him that that really isn't a proper name. I like 2 names but Graham doesn't like them and every other name doesn't seem to fit. I guess we will decide when we see him :)

Well, that's enough rambling for today. I'll leave you with my most recent belly shot. :)

And trust me, it's going to get a hell of a lot bigger! lol

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time goes so fast! Ethan is 5 today. So 5 years ago, right now, i was in pain. Alot of pain. lol I went into labour at 1.30am on the 17th of February 2004. He was born after a lot of hassel at 6.33pm. I think that was the longest day of my life. I was so glad he was out though, i cried when i saw him for the first time and he had my chin. Unfortunately i didn't get to hold him until the next day because he was in Special Care because they were worried about his breathing and he had a huge lump on his head because he had to be born with help of the vaccum. Even though he was 9lbs, he was so tiny.

It hasn't been an easy 5 years. We had a rough start Ethan and I but i'm so glad he's a part of our family. He can be such a good boy and is always making us laugh. :)

Me 8 mths pregnant. This is the only photo i have of me at the end of my pregnancy.

Ethan and daddy at the hospital

At home

And now some cute pics of him over the last 5 years. :)

Aunty Kiki made this hat :)

Ethan and my dad. This photo is special to me because my dad passed away not long after.

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday - also the day i found out i was pregnant with Nicholas :) I felt really sick but had to pretend not to be. lol

He got a chalk board off my mum.

3rd birthday - we had a bbq in the park

He couldn't decide between a Nemo cake or a train one so i made both! lol

4th Birthday - he had a Pirate Party. He was Captain Feathersword

First day of Prep! 27th January 2009. He was so excited. He's doing really well at school.

January 2009 - Underwater World

5th Birthday
They are just so cute together! I wish they didn't fight so much. lol