Friday, March 31, 2006

Well turns out the the pics were on the computer but i just couldn't find them! lol

So here are some that i thought i would share.

Our second date(Oct 02)at Springbook. LOL You can tell i wanted my photo taken.

This is November 02, when dh came to visit me. We went to see the last remaining snow. Sorry its a little dark.

This is on the same day...and really has nothing to do with anything, but i just wanted to cry about how skinny i was then!! *sob, sob*

Now for some wedding pics!

For some reason i love this pic. We had just come out of the temple and my 'new' dh was trying to kiss me and i was embarrassed because there were all these people about! lol

On top of the Sydney Australia Temple.

Another favourite pic.

At our second reception here in Toowoomba.

Hope you enjoy!


Stacy said...

How fun to see your pix! You made an absolutely GORGEOUS bride!!!

Rachelle said...

Such great pics. You are a hotty!

Scooby said...

Hi there - found you though LDS women bloggers :)

Lovely photos - you were a beautiful bride!

emlouisa said...

Loving the pics! Dh looks like a kid with no facial hair. ;)

Meemer said...

Beautful pictures. You are so stinking pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Lei said...

Love the pics... you're beautiful, Andrea!

Andrea said...

welcome Scooby to my blog! And yes, Emily, he does look babyface without facial hair! Its funny! lol

Ramaja5 said...

Love your "love story" and love your pics! You are the cutest couple EVER! But can we please hear about the Latino stalker please...I mean really, you left us hanging!

ubercyl said...

Aww, I love your wedding pictures! You guys look so happy.

Steph said...

Gorgeous pics! You are beautiful!

Angela said...

You are beautiful, Andrea! I love your hair on your wedding day. Gorgeous!