Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Magic of Life...

Yes, kinda of a sappy title but i'm feeling kinda sappy. Those pregnancy hormones have kicked in rather strong. I find myself crying while watching The Biggest Loser. How pathetic is that?!
I was never an overly emotional person. My sister used to cry everytime we watched The Man From Snowy River II, when Deny the horse died. And i used to think...."ummm hello??? what is wrong with you?? its a movie!!" But you know what? Since i had my son, i'm a sap. Total sap. I can probably find some excuse to cry in every movie i watch. Of course now i also cry during commercials and silly reality shows.
And what can we blame it on? Hormones of course! That stuff that we can't see that causes moisture to burst from our eyes at random and make total fools out of ourselves in public.
I remember when i was about 8mths pregnant with Ethan i had bought a gift voucher for dh for Christmas. It was a gift voucher for a clothing store because he needed more clothes. So we went to see what we could buy. Turns out my dh likes to dress like an old man and this store was more for younger trendier people, not his taste at all. So i burst into tears, right in the middle of the mall. Crying my eyes out because there was nothing in there that dh liked.
Ahhh yes, the ultimate shame (other then your water breaking in the middle of a chinese restaurant).

And unfortuately those blasted hormones are right there from the start. When your baby is the size of a mustard seed your a psycho crazy witch. Isn't it amazing that something so small can cause so much trouble???
I just turned 7 weeks today and last Saturday i had an ultrasound done and my baby was measuring 5.3mm. Thats like the size of a pea. You would think something that small couldn't get up to much mischief. But the little scamp is causing heaps of mischief. I think we'll have to have words when he decides to face me on the outside.....of course by then i'll be an even bigger sap and forget all the trouble he's causing me now because he will be so cute and defenseless.

But seriously, the magic of life. Life is magic. The fact that 2 tiny parts of our bodies join(i'm talking about the egg and sperm dh would deny there is anything else 'tiny' about him) and voila! baby. It just amazes me how they grow and develop. How the brain developes and the heart. How their little finger nails grow and then feeling them kick around in there.
It's so utterly amazing!!! Is anyone else in awe of this? Or am i just sappy?


emlouisa said...

You totally need to check out Lei's blog today. She talked about this very thing!

I cry all the time too. AND I cried at The Biggest Loser. And I wasn't even pg. Yeah, I'm a sap.

Rachelle said...

I cry all the time too. I'm an emotional wuss. This was a cute post! Those babies sure do magic on us from day one.

The Constant Gardener said...

Yep, emotional here too. Got all teary watching Lost last night seeing the cute little baby smiling.