Thursday, March 09, 2006

Out of the mouth of babes

There was a time when i thought Ethan would never talk. He just seemed to babble away with nothing even resembling english. Then suddenly he could talk. It appeared to happen overnight. He has always been a chatter box. Someone once told me that he sounded like Boo from Monsters Inc. And its true! He sounded just like her. But now he can say actual words and its great! I feel so proud of if i personally am responsible for him being able to talk.

But of course with his new found ablility to converse comes the newfound ability to refuse everything. "NO" is one of his favourite words. Why do kids always learn that first??? He can't say yes, just "NO". Even if i ask him if he wants something and i know he wants it, he will automatically say no first. Sounds kinda familiar. When someone asks me to do something my first reaction is "NO!!!!!", before logic and guilt take over. Thats whats so great about kids, they never feel guilty about saying no.
His other favourite thing to say is "whats that?". This has taken on the same stigma as the dreaded "why?". He will ask "whats that?" about everything!!

him: whats that?
me: dinner
him: whats that?
me: ITS YOUR DINNER! said in a controlled non yelling voice of course

him: whats that?
me: the bath
him: whats that?
me: the water, your going to have a bath

...and on and on it goes. At least he will never get into something without knowing all about it first.
His most recent and cutest thing is the word "sore". When dh had his appendix out he had 3 incisions and we had to tell Ethan that he couldn't jump on daddys tummy because it was sore. He quickly picked up the word and now everything that doesn't look like normal skin is a sore. I have a mole on my face (like Cindy Crawford but better) and that is a sore to him. He looks at me then points and says "sore" then proceedes to try and pick it off! Because, as we all know, every sore must be picked.
Since i've had morning sickness and in an attempt to stop him jumping on me, i told him that my tummy was sore. Now, of course, his tummy is sore. And so is the large freckle that he has on his ankle. Its too funny, really. I guess its one of those things where you have to be here to appreciate it! lol

Everyday he seems to learn a new words. Bubbles is something he learned the other day. And yesterday he came out with "bye bye toodle-oo". Nice!


Sunny said...

It's so fun when they learn to talk! My toddler's favorite phrase is also "what's that?". I was about to scream when I read the Love & Logic books. My new response to "What is that" is "what do you think?" or "hmmm, What do you think it is?" I still get "why" all the time, but once I turn the question back to them, they answer it, and are on to something new ... ahh, the joys of toddlerhood! :)

emlouisa said...

This post made me smile. A has been totally talking up a storm lately. His latest thing is "Okay, Mom?" Every single time he gets hurt. He will say, "Okay, mom? Okay Mom, Okay Mom?" over and over until I say, "Are you okay, A?" Then he says, "No..." and moves on. I am so sick of NO!

Steph said...

Ethan and my 2 yr old sound like two peas in a pod! You wait for so long for them to talk and then they do and well, you know what I mean. ;p

Rachelle said...

What a cutie! Cam is a constant babbler, so we'll see what he'll be like as a talker. You give me much to look forward to!

Lei said...

Super cute (and soemtiems challenging, lol), Andrea!

QueenMeadow said...

Toddlers are the best! I bet he sounds so cute too, how fun :)

KAT said...

He sounds so cute, how old was he when he finally started talking. Just curious since my 18mo still hasn't said a real word

Andrea said...

Kat - actually i can't remember when he started talking! how lame am i? But it would be only in the last few mths that he's really taken off with it.

The Constant Gardener said...

My 3 1/2yo is still asking WHY about everything. I DON'T KNOW WHY! :)

Dawnyel said...

"Why" is the never ending question...My 5-year-old STILL asks it. I have my own question for that though, "What do you think...." He thinks he's pretty smart when he can answer that on his own! Growing up is fun!