Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've decided to take photos of all the birds i see so these are some of them. I need to get photos now of the ones i've observed but didn't capture.

- Rainbow Lorikeet
Pale-Headed Rosella
- Kookaburra
- male Koel aka Storm Bird
Eastern Great Egret
Blue-faced Honeyeater with a Noisey Miner

I'll post more birds as i see them. It's amazing that i never really noticed how many birds there are around until i started birdwatching. I go out in my backyard and the air is full of bird calls. It's so beautiful!


Chrissii said...

These are beautiful photos.

Sherrie {Bird Lady} said...

I stumbled across your blog while hitting the "Next Blog" button. I am a avid birdwatcher from Loon Lake, Washington which is the most northwest state in the USA. I was intrigued by your birds, so different from the ones we see here. Thought it would be fun to follow each others blog.

Come check me out...

Sherrie (Bird Lady)