Thursday, December 21, 2006

You know, i knew that artistic talent ran in the family. My dad was an excellent painter, my brother is an excellent sketcher, my uncle paints and has had exhibitions. I used to paint and draw but don't have time anymore....i was kinda OK...the more i did it the better i was...pity I've almost lost my talent. BUT it pleases me to see my son Ethan is displaying the same talent.

At the moment he has a slight obsession with snowmen. I have no idea why but he loves them. he likes to draw them on the chalk board. Here's an example of some of his work - i drew the 2 round circles of the snowman's body he did the rest:

Its nice to see that this snowman is anatomically correct - he has boobs and a belly button and boy bits. No, that's is not a third leg. And if your wondering about that thing floating above his head - that's his hat.
My child is a genius.


emlouisa said...

That is HILARIOUS! And totally impressive! A-Boy can't draw like that at ALL! I'm loving the three legs! lol!

taffi said...

"That's not a third leg..."

Ah, they start dreaming early, don't they? ROFL! I do love his drawings, though! Very impressive!