Saturday, December 09, 2006

You know i think us Australians are a little crazy. Not crazy-psycho, crazy-weird. Last night we went looking at Christmas lights. There is a funeral home that does a killer display(pardon the pun) every year. Its the best in town i reakon. Other then the gorgeous displays they have free plum pudding with custard, tea and coffee. They also have a sausage sizzle and drinks that you can buy. What a way to rake in the business.....lights AND food. Donations are welcome and all money goes to some suicide prevention fund(which my dh finds funny - can you guess why??lol) Anyhow this year they added something else.....FREE ice cream!!!! You can guarantee i will go anywhere there is free ice cream.

This would generally be a great idea considering we do celebrate Christmas in summer but this year our weather has been weird. So much for global warming - we have been having cold days sprinkled amoungst very hot days. Last night it was cold. It was windy. We had the heater on in our car. We had jackets on!!! Outside temp was 13 degrees celsius. I know, not mega cold but c'mon its summer!!!

We get to the funeral home and make our way to the entrance...its cold, its windy. I was wishing i had a scarf and gloves......we walk pass the ice cream van.....'would you like a free ice cream???' someone asks me......'YES!!!!!' of course i want a free ice cream, its not like its winter or anything. Its summer, of course i want to eat ice cream!!!!!

It was damn good too. Free food tastes so much better then food i've had to pay for, wouldn't you agree???

Here's a pic of me and Ethan in front of the winter display...complete with fake snow. Please excuse the painful look on my face. 12kgs sitting on your legs is difficult when your off balance to start with and i was talking to dh too at the time. lol



AJ said...

Well, I don't think you are crazy. Silly, but not crazy. But some of the words you Austrailians use sure are nuts!!

Rachau said...

Well I would love some nice cold weather down this way please! LOL
Oh and lot's of nice rain to go with it!!!! :P
Free ice cream sounds ok!
You have got to love us Aussies!!!

Shelah said...

I am LOL at the idea of handing out ice cream at Christmas lights displays. You might find hot chocolate here, but never ice cream, even in TX, where it's still pretty hot.

TheMomoftheShoe said...

ROFL!! So let me get this went to a Christmas party (essentially) at a funeral home? That is great!!