Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Fully Sick Greek Chick

A few weeks ago i recieved a package in the mail. I opened it up and there was a birthday card and a box full of homemade choc chip oatmeal cookies. Inside the card was a wonderful letter sending Birthday and Christmas greeting. If you haven't already realised, it has been more then a month since Christmas and about 4 months since my birthday. No, the package wasn't lost in the mail and just magically showing up now - my friend, my Fully Sick Greek Chick had only just posted it. It only takes 2 days to get from her place to mine. You see my friend is a little absent minded. Though i really think that she just has so much to do that she forgets to do things.

I'm not a great writer so all that i wanted to say about her is probably not going to come out right. I love my friend for so many reasons. She's easy to talk to, she listens, she advises, she sees things in a different way then i do. She's spiritual and i can talk to her about anything. She served a mission and returned home a better and wiser person(though she still can't do things on time!) she held my hand when we gave blood- i never knew that getting a huge needle poked in my arm could be so much fun! She's charitiable, she brought me pizza and helped make my wedding dress, she helped me decorate my apartment for my wedding night since dh and i couldn't afford to stay somewhere nice. She sent me the coolest Antonio Banderas poster from Greece when she was on her mission. She finished Uni successfully and is now holding down 2 jobs and a very full social calender. Oh and she crochets everything from socks to beanies! She sounds great, right?

I lived with her and her single mother for a month and it was the craziest experience of my life!
Other then all those wonderful attributes i listed she's also a loudmouth, she talks non-stop! She is neurotic and obsessive. She over-anaylizes everything! She can't cook for anything(even 20mths in the mission field didn't help much!) and she fights way too much with her mother. They fight because they are so much alike, its not funny.
I've known her for about 6 years and she has accomplished so much in her life and i'm totally proud of her and a little jealous. But she is my very best friend and if she was any other way she just wouldn't be Kiki.

Oh.....and if you know any single guys wanting a 23 yr old, greek, loudmouthed, non-domestic, crazy, wonderful woman just let me know. And i'll even throw in the MIL as a bonus........


Lee said...

Hey at least you got the package! She sounds like a great friend!

emlouisa said...

:) Sounds like a great friend! LOL about the late gift!

Lei said...

I love reading all these stories about friends! TFS!

Sunny said...

She sounds like a fun friend! I'll be on the lookout for any cute single guys ... does she object to men 1/2 a world away? :)