Friday, January 20, 2006


As i was thinking of what i could write about today and as i was reading what others had written on my posts and as i was reading my friends blogs i realised that that is what i wanted to talk about today. Friends.

Growing up i only had a few friends. I was never a popular person, i guess that was because i was a bit reserved. What others would call shy. Though i have always hated that word and refused to use it when it came to describing my personality. I am not a shy person, i just sit back and assess the situation and comment if needed.
When i got to high school i had to make all new friends because noone i knew from Primary School was going to the same High School as me. It was tough but i soon found some friends, and it helped that my very BEST friend was there - my older sister! Chrissii is 2 years older then me, so even though i was in year 8 and she was a year 10er she still hung out with me and i hung out with her friends too on the occasion.
We moved after year 8 and when we went to our new school it was just us and we both had no friends. We quickly adapted however and enjoyed the rest of our school years. We are still best friends and i doubt nothing will ever change that.

After i finished school i tried to keep in touch with my friends but eventually one by one we fell out of touch. I was unemployed, lived at home, in the country and my sister had got married and moved away. I was pretty bummed. I was depressed and lonely.
Eventually i moved to live with my sister and her husband. Best thing i ever did!!! They lived in Canberra ACT and it was fantastic! I lived there for 4 years (3 with my sister). I made some great friends who i love dearly. I met my husband and moved back to QLD, in a town where i knew noone but my husband.
Back to being lonely. I still kept in touch with my Canberra friends but it just wasn't the same. Then i discovered this wonderful thing........

Internet forums.

Since i am an active member of my church and at the time i was pregnant with Ethan i found a forum of LDS members, mainly women and mums. It was fantastic. I got to talk to women of my faith about pregnancy and babies and about church. It was really helpful and i made a couple of friendships. I eventually left that board a joined a new private one. This has been the best thing ever!
I have managed to make a few friends in my new area but to be honest, i have much better friends online. I hope they don't mind me mentioning this. Since i'm sure they are the only ones who read my blog! lol
They have helped me i my life so much. They inspired me, they pick me up when i'm down, they encourage me when i'm tettering on the brink of breaking my diet. They give me suggestions when i need help with something and most of all they show love for someone they have not met in person. Most of these wonderful ladies live in the US. I have plans to visit them one day. Maybe i should have put that on my 'seven things to do before i die' list. ;)
They probably don't know how much they mean to me. I am serious when i say they are the very best friends i have ever had.

I love you girls!


Steph said...

*sniff* I feel the same way Andrea! :D

ShelahBooksIt said...

we love you Andrea!

The Constant Gardener said...

I'm just getting to know you, Andrea, but I like you already :). I love my online friends too. I think I'd feel very alone and be very bored without it all! Alicia

Taffi said...

Luv ya too, girlie!