Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Anyone who has a toddler will know how hard it is sometimes to get them to eat. Ethan started his 'starvation' diet when he was about maybe 18mths old. He just refused to eat anything other the Soho Nacho crackers. Joy. He would throw a fit when he couldn't have them. So after a few months of him not eating i finally thought that maybe if we weaned him off the crackers then he might eat some real food. He's a skinny little thing and i didn't want him getting sick or anything. I thought too that his behaviour might have something to do with all the artifical flavours etc he was eating.....nope, just normal apparently!
So anyway, we started the weaning process, i cut it down to only 2 Soho snacks between meals and if he didn't eat his food then he got nothing. He started eating a little more. Then i just went cold turkey and stopped buying them. He still didn't start eating much more then what he had been. A bit of fruit, toast and museli bars were his main diet.

Then, here's where the simple pleasure comes in, after christmas he decided he is hungry again!!!! YAY!!! Now he is eating everything! He will even eat meat and raw vegies - like carrot sticks and zucchini, grapes, apples, plums, he eats noodles and pizza! Its amazing.
I am so happy that he is eating again. He even gained a kilo (2lbs) since christmas! I'm not quite sure what a kid his age should weigh but i'm glad that he's putting on weight.

I feel relieved when he sits in his high chair and starts chowing down!


Rachelle said...

Yay for him eating! Glad he decided to add variety to his diet!

Linsey said...

Ugh, I hate the not eating phase, glad he is back at it!!!