Sunday, January 15, 2006

My husband Graham has two passions. Trains and photography. Luckily they go hand in hand. You can't go and see a train unless you take photos of it. Lots of photos. Black and white photos. Colour photos. Slides......don't get me started on the types of film one can use to take a photo of a train!
You would think it would be as simple as whipping the ol' digital out and snapping away. But nooooo, theres a whole science behind it that i am not about to go into. For two reasons. 1. I don't want to talk about it and 2. I have no idea what that science is. Graham tries to tell me but it goes way over my head.
Photography is not what i wanted to talk about today. I want to talk about trains.

Graham loves trains. Sometimes i think he loves them more then he loves me. He assures me he doesn't but when one wakes up to the tooting of a train horn and not to the sound of undying love being whispered into my ear, i have to wonder.
He has a train driving simulator on his laptop. So he's being driving trains for the last couple of nights now. Its fun but i would lose interesting after having one go. But that is because i am not passionate about trains.
He has a model railway downstairs which is kinda cool. I like miniture things so its long as its downstairs and i don't have to look at it everyday. We have a huge picture of a train on our living room wall. It is one he took and had enlarged at work. He also has the same photo as a background on his laptop.
We spend weekends chasing trains. Yes, chasing them. He finds out when steam trains are going to be running and then we chase them all over the place and take photos. Well he takes photos, i usually sit in the car bored stiff. Did i mention that we went to the train museum for my birthday last year? No, well that was great. For MY birthday we go to a train museum. Nice one darl!

And like father like son. Our son Ethan loves trains! It must be in the blood or something. He has a Thomas the Tank Engine set. Engines, track, tunnel, bridge, station. He still has a lot to get and i swear those are the only toys he's getting ever! He would rather play with a train then any other toy. His daddy just made him a 4ftx4ft train table! It takes up half his bedroom! lol But he loves it. He spends hours just playing. He also loves watching Thomas on tv. So he has 2 dvds and 2 videos that he has borrowed from my sister. Needless to say that is all that we watch. Graham now sings the songs around the house almost without thinking. Its kinda sad.

He also loves our weekend trips chasing trains. You should see his face light up when he sees a train! Its like christmas! Of course he can't say 'train' yet but he says 'toot toot' and 'Percy' which is just super cute.

I think it is great that he has such an interest in something even though the hours of being forced to play trains and watch Thomas is getting on my nerves and slowing driving me insane.


Taffi said...

Oh, you have my sympathy... any obsession gets real old real fast!

QueenMeadow said...

I'm laughing about chasing traings, I think I would go crazy! Maybe you need a laptop so you can do something while he is snapping photos :P.
And woah! that is one huge train table! :)

Andrea said...

I've given hints on wanting a laptop ;)

Steph said...

the same thing happens at my house, but not with trains. It's baseball here. FUN.

I think that everyone should go to the spa on Graham's birthday, lol.

Rachelle said...

Trains! How fun - sometimes. He's a little too obsessed. Maybe when I get ready to redo Cam's bedroom (in a year or so when another baby comes - NOT an announcement), I want to do a train theme. I'll call your dh for help!

Andrea said...

sure Rachelle! Graham has so many photos of trains it's not funny. lol

Linsey said...

That is funny. The first time I took my kids on a train ride they were so surprised that big trains actually exsisted. They thought they were either model trains or in movies!