Thursday, December 29, 2005

Shopping. That is what i want to rant about today.

I decided that i had had enough of not having decent summer clothes to wear. I hardly had any short sleeve shirts and wearing long sleeves in summer is not great. I also needed another pair of shorts or capris. Since i only have one pair. So i head out to the mall. It is full of shops catering to the very thin and immodest. Definately NOT me! I need things with sleeves and something that covers my knees and my fat rolls. So i head up to Target thinking, well....even very modest fat people can shop there right? no, think again! I didn't think i was terribly overweight in comparison to other people. I'm a 16 if you wondering. But do you think i could find a size 16 t-shirt???? NO. Not unless i wanted something frumpy without any shape that probably said on the tag 'one size fits all' meaning 'you too fat for nice's a tent instead'. And don't even get me started on the skimpiness of some clothes! What i would consider a belt is now actually a skirt these days.
So there i go from one shop to the next, to the next. I finally found a t-shirt in Katies, whos sizes tend to run a bit large. Hallilujah!!
But, more problems...what to do about the bottom. The funny thing about me is that when i gain weight i put it all on my stomach...such a great look! So i'm a 16 around the middle and probably a 12/14 everywhere else. Of course they don't make clothes that caters to freaks like me, so i've got to go for a fitted waist with legs and bum that i could fill with oranges. Paula Duncan eat your heart out!
So i didn't end up finding any shorts. I guess i may have to visit Vinnies for last season or even last decade stuff or wait til i can buy maternity.
And another i'm not finished yet! i the only one that thinks that anything over $10 is too much for a shirt???? For the record i managed to get my t-shirt for about $8 because everything was half price if i joined their free club...sounds like a good deal to me! Most things were anywhere from $15 to $30.
Sheesh, do they think everyone has money to burn!


Rachelle said...

You're shopping for summer clothes? Crazy Aussie! ;)

Rebekah said...

"What i would consider a belt is now actually a skirt these days." That is one of the best quotes ever. I agree- it is so hard finding nice but modest clothing! Then when you do, it is a million dollars.

Rebekah said...

I have pretty much been pregnant since October 2009 with a 3 month break in between. Maternity clothes can be such a horror! THANKFULLY I am due next week. I am hoping for a longer break this time :)