Friday, December 23, 2005

This year my son Ethan has had so many ear and chest infections that i've actually considered building my house adjoining the hospital! Today was no exeption. It started off fine. He was running around like normal this morning but soon enough he was showing signs that something was wrong. He was very lethargic and dropping off to sleep on my lap (highly unusual for him), had developed a rash and by lunch time he was vomiting and shaking. His temp was 37.8C. It is quite hard to get into a dr if you don't ring in the morning, so i thought i would see how he goes and then make a decision once my husband came home from work, we had 2 options: the after hours clinic that is open til 8pm or A&E at the hospital.
Well he did improve slightly, and managed to eat some toast and potato chips for dinner. My husband didn't get home til after 8 and made the decision that we should take him up to the hospital.
So off we trapes and low and behold the minute we get inside Ethan is chatting away and looking kinda normal. Emergency rooms are great cures!
Anyway after some proding and looking into ears and throats, he is diagnosed with tonsilitis. He's never had that before! Yay for him! Of course looking down a toddlers throat is an effort in itself and we discovered he has a great gag reflex...all over mummy! I had no idea his tiny tummy could hold so much! It was like the bottomless pit or something. So after cleaning up the horrible mess, having a change of nappy and getting some antibiotics we were on our way.

What a great start to the Christmas weekend don't you think?

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Taffi said...

Augh! It's amazing how much can come out when they don't take that much in, isn't it? Hope he's feeling better soon and the rest of your Christmas weekend was uneventful (and puke-free)!