Thursday, December 22, 2005

This is my first time blogging and i must admit that i am scared. Will anyone actually read my weird rantings and will it ever matter? I have read other blogs that have made me cry, smile and laugh out loud. Can i even measure up to that? who knows! But what i really hope to achieve from this is getting my thoughts out of my head so they don't keep me awake at night.

Not many people know that i actually love to write. I have 3 or 4 novels in progress...well they were in progress about 5 or so years ago but then got shoved out of view when i got involved in more important things like work and trying to find a suitable mate. Maybe one day when i'm not popping out babies and ironing my husbands shirts i will get back to them. I am also known to pen the odd poem, though mainly silly ones about my family and nothing worth mentioning on here!
I also love to paint. My husband bought me all this fabulous stuff for my first mothers day which i feel bad about because i haven't used it all that much. I find it hard to be inspired when i have little fingers trying to help and Thomas the Tank Engine tooting in the background...he is a very useful engine but not that useful!

I hope that wasn't too boring for my first entry. I'm sure i'll get more into it as time goes on. I think Christmas will provide heaps of inspiration.


Steph said...

Wahoo! Welcome to blogging!

Rachelle said...

I like it! Good job!

Linsey said...

YAY Andrea!!! Can;t wait to read more!