Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well Christmas is over for another year and i am heaving a sigh of relief. I was all geared up for a fantastic time, never mind the weather.

Our weekend would start on Christmas Eve. We would gather together and watch the Carols by Candellight on TV. Christmas is not Christmas without Ray Martin and Humphrey B Bear! Then we would watch our church's Christmas Devotional and then tuck up in bed to await the magic of Christmas morning. On Christmas morning we would wake up and read the Christmas story out of the Bible and watch our son gleefully open presents. Attend church at 9am and then come home to enjoy the day together and eat a nice lunch of chicken and salad. In the evening we would watch The Nativity or some other Christmas movie. On Boxing Day we had planned a big family day. I had the turkey and the prawns and all the salads and the desserts. How wonderful it would be to just spend the day together and eat ourselves silly.

However this is not how it turned out. In my last post i mentioned that our son had tonsillitis. This progressed over the weekend and just seemed to be getting worse. Christmas Eve was spent with Ray and Humphrey but we didn't watch the Christmas Devotional. We spent the night up with Ethan. He still had a fever and spent the night screaming and then falling asleep every 10 minutes and screaming and more sleeping. Needless to say when we woke up the next morning the last thing on our minds was going to church. I was really disappointed but i don't think i could have mustered up the strength to go. We opened presents and Ethan wasn't that enthused, but i don't blame him!
Chrismtas night was spent in much the same way as the night before. Except my wonderful husband slept on the couch with Ethan so that i could get some sleep(after all i needed to be up at 6am to cook a turkey!) He had a pretty rough night with him.
In the morning mum helped with the food prep. Who would have thought that the smell of raw turkey could upset a pregnant stomach?!
Ethan was getting worse, he was having trouble walking and was shaking and jerking. I decided that there had to something else wrong other then tonsillitis and made an appointment at the afterhours clinic(it was a public holiday so our regular dr wasn't open). My husbands family turned up at about 9.30 or so and we had time to say hi before taking off to the drs.
His tonsillitis was cleared up and apparently the jerking etc was because he wasn't getting enough nutrients but the dr wanted a blood test anyway. Which, considering the 2 public holidays after the weekend would mean we would have to wait until Wednesday! It wouldn't want to be urgent now, would it?
The rest of the day went on ok. My sister, bil and their brood turned up before lunch and the festivities began. Other the the horrible heat which our air conditioner did nothing to help with, the day from then on went well. The food was good and i ate way too much for my tummy to be confortable with....of course anything over about 10 bites of food is uncomfortable at the moment. Bring on the 3rd trimester when i can eat everything!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, back to christmas......after dinner we had a Santa pinata(time for the kids to beat santa for not bringing what they wanted). That was one tough pinata, it took my husband and a plank of wood to bring Santa down! As it turned out he got decapitated! there was enough lollies in there to feed about 30 kids....great for the 4 kids that were able to eat lollies! And for my bil who is a lolly maniac and always has to have a supply for church. I spent last night on the couch since hubbie had to be back at work today and he needed a good nights sleep. It was a better night with only a few wakings. I think he's finally on the mend.

I'm glad there is another year before i have to think of anything remotely Christmas!

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