Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm feeling a little covet-y(i know that's not a real word but work with me ok) So i thought i should do a list of 20 things i'm grateful for . I rarely do this so it's long overdue.

I am grateful for:

1. My dh who loves me no matter what
2. My ds who smiles when he sees me
3. A place to live
4. A regular income
5. A heater, its very small but it works at least ;)
6. Beautiful warm days and chilly nights
7. Autumn leaves
8. Track pants
9. My uggies - holes and all
10. My morning sickness is going away at last
11. Chocolate mud there anything better?
12. Good friends
13. Finally feeling the baby kick! twice just tonight when i was having likes pizza apparently ;)
14. Repentance
15. My Heavenly Father is kind and loving and knows how i need to learn things
16. Eternal families
17. Having a Temple just 2 hours away
18. My family, who are my best friends
19. Our DVD player to keep Ethan entertained when i need to do housework
20. The internet. I would not be able to blog without it ;)


Rachelle said...

Great list and I love the internet too!

Graham said...

Woohoo - I made top of the list :-)
You're at the top of my list too sweety. :-x

Maine Mom said...

That's great that you have a temple 2 hours away. The Boston Temple that we attend takes us 4 hours to get to.