Monday, May 29, 2006

I, I, what to do with I....

I've been given the letter 'I' from MOF Lei. Thanks!

1. Ice creams - just got the Home Ice Cream brochure on friday. Yummo! Is there anything better then home delivered ice the boxful!! Unfortunately he only goes past my house once a fortnight, so i have to wait another 2 weeks...but that will give me plenty of time to make up my mind about what i want. And yes, its is almost winter and i'm still eating ice cream.

2. Icicle - going with the winter theme. Take a look at this cool pic i took last year on our trip to the snow:

Thats the side of a motel. I thought it was cool.

3. iPod - i don't have a' real' iPod like as in one from Apple but my dh got me a SanDisk MP3 player for Mothers Day. I love it! It plays music and audio books and has a radio. YAY! So when i join the gym at the end of the year i will have something to listen too as i stride it out on the treadmill.

4. Icky - Changing pooey nappies. Why, oh why aren't kids toilets trained when they are born??!!!

5. Imagination - we are just starting to see our sons imagination taking off. And its so cute and sweet! Though the fact that he thinks he's a dog is a bit odd.

6. Ideal - my ideal day would be one of relaxation and pampering. Its a nice dream!

7. Immaculate - what my house isn't. I love display homes because i love a house that is neat and tidy with no crap hanging around. My aim in life is to one day have an immaculate home. It will probably be when i am old and have no kids at home.

8. International - i hope one day to be able to travel overseas. Dh and I are planning a trip to New Zealand....when i say planning its more like 'yeah, for our next holiday we should go there'.

9. Ingest - what i've eaten today: 2 pieces of toast with vegemite, 2 cups of ovaltine and about 4 Milk arrowroot biscuits. You can all sleep well tonight know that. ;)

10. Idiot - how i felt on Sunday when i was corrected in how i spelt the name of the church on the newsletter(didn't put the hyphen in Latter-day) the shame!


Lei said...

I remember doggy mode with dd. It was cute and funny and embarassing all at the same time!

The Constant Gardener said...

That is a cool icicle picture!

The imaginations of kids are so amazing to me!