Sunday, July 02, 2006


Isn't blogger block horrible. I feel like i've fallen off the blogger world but i will try and get back on. Please fogive me.
But i would like to address the few ideas suggested to me by my loyal fans, aka those who gave me suggestions. lol

Favourite colour - my favourite colour is red. I wrote about it a little while back. But my fav colour used to be purple, then changed it because every one seemed to like purple and i wanted something different so i changed it to a colour that no one i knew liked - red. Thankfully red is a great colour!

First Kiss - This is kinda embarrassing, well embarrassing because its a little sad. lol I had my first kiss when i was 23 years old. Yes, i know, i'm a late bloomer but some things just can't be helped. The first person i kissed is my dh. It was on our second date. Right by a waterfall. I thought it was gross but more pleasant with practice. ;) It was also right after our first kiss that dh told me he loved me.

Baby names - oh boy. This is a toughie. Since we already have a boy its hard because we already picked the one name that we love. So now we have to pick the second best and how does someone do that?! We did narrow it down to either Nicholas or Isaac. But i've gone of Isaac and dh tells me this morning that he's gone off i guess now we don't have any names!!!! We are thinking maybe we should just call him '#2' or 'Ethan the second'. What do you think?? ;)

Free time - I seem to have a lot of this in varying degrees. Once my housework is done then i don't have alot to do. I am not involved with any community activities, my ds is not in school so no school commitments. I do spend more time then i should on the computer though lately that has been hampered(good thing too) by my ds who doesn't like me on here unless he is on here too. I introduced him to a kids website that he loves, so unless that is on he hates me being near the computer....which means.....less computer time for me and more time for something else.
I play alot with my ds. Since he has noone else to play with, i'm it! I also love to sew. I am trying to get my quota of maternity clothes up. I love making maternity skirts!! I've made 4 so far and i'm always on the lookout for cheap fabric so i can make some more.
I also love to read and am trying to read more church related material to increase my spirituality.
So at the moment that is what i'm doing with my free time - playing, sewing and reading....oh and computer stuff ;)


Lei said...

You ARE a rocking seamstress Andrea!

Mama Darlin' said...

Post some pictures of your sewing accomplishments. It would so fun to see your neat skirts!

Amber said...

I would love to see your skirts too. :) And I'm officially asking for a belly picture.

Vlyb said...

My favorite color is red too! It's a rockin color! But black runs a close 2nd behind red with me.

And I love how we spell differently...favourite colour. Your way looks more sophisticated.

ubercyl said...

What are you reading?

I love red, too.

And yes, I definitely want to swoon over your sewing accomplishments. I am actually afraid of my little machine. It knows it, too. Stupid bobbin.

Lee said...

You are a great seamstress!! You do great!

APRIL said...

I am 22 1/2 weeks pregnant (and counting!). Did you come up with your own patterns for maternity skirts or did you find them somewhere?

[I am a friend of Stacy - Chocolate Saves the Day.]

Anonymous said...

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