Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Favourite Childhood Toy

Ahhhh where to start. I had a couple of favourite toys. Of course the ones i really really wanted - like Barbie High Heel shoes and a Pound Puppy, i never got.
But this was my favourite:

My Child - my sister and i got My Child dolls. We came home from school one day and there they were! We were super excited. She named hers Kerrie and i named mine Servine(yeah, i know..WTH!!) Kerrie was blonde and had green eyes and Servine was a brunette with blue eyes. We loved them. They were our babies. We took them shopping. They ate dinner with us. They played outside with us. They went to my mums work with us when we went with her. They wore real nappies(not fake doll ones). Mum made clothes for them. We did their hair. We gave them baths. They were real to us!
I still have Servine. But i feel a little sad. She no longer looks clean and nice. Her lips and cheeks have lost their nice pink colour. Her hair is a little worse for wear(note: doll hair doesn't grow back after you cut it) and it needs a good wash. She now lives in Ethans toy box aswell to add insult to injury. Maybe if i have a little girl i can polish her up some!


Taffi said...

I love her name!

And I really love the new look of your blog... very, very cool.

Rachau said...

I love reading your blog!
Did you know there is a doll doctro some place in Sydney!You might be able to send her there to get fixed up!lol.

Anonymous said...

neat!! My dd has a doll right now that she puts in her booster seat, feeds it, puts it to bed, just like her own child--she even calls it her daughter

emlouisa said...


smartmama said...

you blog looks fab-- like the name my sis had one named Veenya and swore she'd name her first born that or nafari-- didn't happen

Bela said...

Too cute!!!!!