Friday, June 16, 2006

As i stepped on the scales this morning and my eyes popped at how much weight i have suddenly gained i thought i would blog about it. Since there is nothing else in my life right now that is even remotely interesting- my pregnancy seems the only thing worth talking about...and even thats a stretch.
I am 22 weeks now. Just over half way and offically wanting it to be October already. I don't really enjoy being pregnant but its a means to an end, so to speak. What i really want is the baby at the end and not 9 mths of being sick, sore, hormonal, fat and tired. But since there really is not other way to go about it considering i am able to bare my own children thats just what is going on.
My dh and I started the ttc(trying to concieve) process in May 05. I figured that since our first baby was conceived so quickly(5 weeks after we got married) that this next baby would be just as easy. In the grand scheme of things the time it took was not much but still i was impatient. It took us 7 mths to get 2 of those little pinks lines to appear on the preg test. Unfortunately 8.5 wks into it we lost that baby. I was determined to try again as soon as possible but of course wait a month or so as per the drs orders. I got pregnant again 3 weeks later. Oooops and EEEKKK how did that happen???? Oh well, nevermind. We found out this wonderful thing after i threw up my breaky the morning of ours sons 2nd birthday. We went out and i bought a test and lo and behold, those 2 little pinks lines again.

I was about 5 wks....imagine i was walking around for a week without even knowing i was pregnant!! Any ttcer will know that it just plain wrong! You test before your period is due....and sometimes to really torture yourself, as early as 10 days past ovulation!
But nevertheless i was pregnant. I was shocked. My legs started shaking and i had to sit down. I started crying. My dh just smiled and said he wasn't surprised.
Those first several weeks were not only hard due to my paranoia about having another miscarriage but i spent them puking my guts up and spending alot of time in bed. There really is nothing worse. I'd rather give birth 10 times over then have morning sickness. That lasted until 16 weeks, though here i am at 22wks and still throwing up in the mornings. ick ick ick.

Even though i spent 11 weeks sick as a dog i still only lost 1kg. Whats up with that??? I would have liked to have lost at least 5! If i'm going to be sick i want it to have some benefit. But luckily my weight gaining didn't start until somewhere between 17-20wks(though i was having to wear my fat clothes from 8wks). I have gained a total of 5.5kgs. 2.5 of those have been in the last 2 weeks! I'm pretty happy with that all up though. Could be worse. lol

I've been having all the normal pregnancy complaints. Well not all of them but you know, the muscle pain and trouble bending down. The worst is the hip pain. And surprisingly i'm not as hormonal as i was with my first dh might not agree but i'm not crying every 2 seconds like i was then, except for Sunday when i had a mini emotional breakdown at church thanks to my dh.

I was going to post some pics of my belly progress but blogger is being sucky and won't let me :p I'll post them when blogger fixes itself.

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Mama Darlin' said...

Down with morning sickness!!! Being pregnant can sometimes feel like a nine month flu, bleck. But like you said, it does have its reward..that sweet new baby!