Thursday, January 26, 2012

Homemade Chocolate Bars {recipe}

Ethan asked me to make some Titan bars. If you know Aldi you will know that is their version of the Mars Bar. For some reason my kids just think i can do anything! lol So i set about to find a recipe, thinking that surely someone has made these before. I couldn't find ANY easy recipe. Most called for nougat and to make nougat you need a candy thermometer, apparently. Well that's just all too hard for me. So i started thinking of what was sort of like nougat in texture and taste but didn't require me burning making anything with hot sugar! I am NOT good with lolly making. at all. 

So i came up with this recipe. I've tried it twice with great success. If something doesn't work for you, let me know! Also let me know if it DOES work for you. My kids love them and they get gobbled up in no time. I thought my sister was going to drool all over my kitchen bench when i asked her to try them. ;)


'nougat' layer
1 packet of marshmallows (375g)
1 packet of milk chocolate melts 

caramel layer
1 packet columbines caramels
1/2 tin condensed milk

1.5 packets of chocolate melts for dipping
2 tablespoons copha

So here we are....mmmmm...goodness.....

 The 'nougat'
Step 1. Melt 1 packet of milk chocolate melts over low heat.
Step 2. Melt your marshmallows in a microwave bowl. 60-90 seconds on high should do the trick. depending on your microwave. Stir to combine. (don't worry that they are pink...they won't be pink in the end)

 Step 3. Place melted chocolate and marshmallows in a mixmaster with a whisk. Whip until it is combined and it is hard to mix. If your chocolate and 'mallows are quite hot this may take some time. You can cool them slightly before you mix them together if you like. But don't leave it too long or it will be hard and you won't get them mixed together right.
 Step 4. Should look something like this! You should be able to mould it in your hands.
 Step 5. Press into a lined lamington tin. Leave to cool on the bench.
 The Caramel
Step 6. In a saucepan melt over low heat your caramels and condensed milk.
 After a few minutes it will look like this. mmmmmmmmm caramel.....*drool* If you are wondering what the brown specks are in there - it's chocolate. I had a few chocolate eclairs in my bag of caramels. lol
 Step 7. As soon as it's melted and combined (no need to bring to the boil or anything like that) spread over your 'nougat'.
 Step 8. Cool on the bench. Cover with baking paper and place in the freezer until hard. Then cut in bite size pieces. You may need to heat your knife up to do this.
 Step 9. Melt extra chocolate with copha and stir to combine. Dip each bar into chocolate with 2 forks and let drain over a cake-cooling rack. When they are set you can eat them! Store them in the fridge. :)

Use white chocolate melts and white marshmallows to make white 'nougat'
Use pink marshmallows and white chocolate melts to make pink 'nougat'



Survival Jones said...

my mum shops at Aldi, I am going to try to get her to make one of these!!
Please come to my blog

Two Little Words said...

Oh my, I feel my diet slipping!

I wonder could you make these on a biscuit (cookie) base to add some crunch?

Might have to have a go sometime soon!

Mel said...

Just rolled across your blog on blogger! YUM! It looks like you make delicious food! I'm excited to follow!

Jolly Princess said...

Great! Taste yummy!:)

Adam Bateson said...

Yum, what a great idea. I think I will try making with my kids. thanks!

Courtney said...

This looks amazing, but what is copha? thanks!

Andrea said...

hi, this is copha -

Ramblings of a Baby Making Addict said...

Yum! This recipe is definitely going to be squirrelled away!

Markus & Krissy said...

wooow *-* it looks like i will get fat just by watching it.. :D

Greyson's Nook said...

Looks yummy! Perhaps after a long run...

Emma said...

They look brilliant! Must try them. Are the chocolate melts just ordinary chocolate? (I don't think we have the melts in the UK!) x

Andrea said...

just whatever cooking chocolate you would normally use is fine. :)

Charlie Mo said...

great recipesssss!!!! loveee