Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sorry I've been busy these last couple of months! I've been getting into my hair accessory business and having some good sales. I even have a Facebook page now. :) I've also been making cakes!
It was Ethan's birthday and he wanted a Harry Potter cake so i made The Monster Book of Monsters. The first thing to get eaten was his eyes. lol followed by his teeth. I think he is pretty cute!

I also made a cake for my friends baby shower. She had a little boy. the colouring is off in the photo but you get the idea. The elephant is adorable. I'm still getting the hang of draping the fondant.
Then it was my friends daughters 8th birthday and i suprised her with this cake. And i got the fondant to drape like it's supposed to. YAY!
I have another birthday cake to do this month. Should be fun!


:@) said...

Wow! I am impressed by the cake decorating.
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Thanx! I will follow your blog!
Ann Kristin

Deborah said...

Your cakes ARE cute!

RMM said...

You creates awsome cakes. I would love to get the Harry Potter-book.
Great woork!

Elin said...

Love your cakes! Thay look great!! ^^

Inspector Clouseau said...

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