Sunday, October 04, 2009

Just a catch up...

Just thought i'd catch up whats been going on lately. I have been fairly slack with my blogging.

First up - i have allergies. Sucks. Last year i had 'hay fever' for the whole spring and summer. First time in my life i've ever had allergies! This year, same thing. Except now i've got itchy, gritty eyes aswell as the itchy throat, sneezing and runny nose. Joy. It's like having a cold for 6mths. Graham has it too. So we are both not feeling the best. Tomorrow i'm going to buy some Claritin and drug myself up.

It's been school holidays. We went to Brisbane for the first week. A dust storm blew through while we were there. It was pretty cool...until we came home and discovered i'd left some windows open. There was fine layer of dust over the kitchen and our bedroom...oh and my exercise bike. We had another dust storm a few days later but it wasn't as bad. Yesterday was dusty too. All the dust sure isn't helping with the allergies either! So it was school holidays, we went to my nieces Nija Turtle Birthday party. That was fun. Then we went to Natural Bridge. Unfortunately we didn't see any glow worms. We also when to the Koala place...can't remember the name of it...saw some Koalas and the kids ran around the bush while my sister and i sat and talked and Graham went off to find geocaches. The weather was nice. Sunny and hottish but nice.
We've also been to the movies and we saw UP. Great movie! I really liked it and so did the kids. I love going to the movies and eating popcorn, lollies, m&ms, drinking fizzy. Fun!
On Saturday just gone we went out to the Oakey Amy Flying Museum. That was cool. There were lots of planes and helicopters on display. The boys got to go in one. It was dusty and HOT but good.
Tomorrow we are going on the bus into the city. The boys love the bus so we are going in. I'm sure we'll have to go to Target and then there will be much wailing and nashing of teeth when I try to leave WITHOUT buying toys.

I've also been trying to lose weight. is my friend. LOVE IT! I really hate dieting but it's a must right now. I had 17kgs to lose after having Lachlan. I've lost 1.5kgs. lol But i'm sticking to my calories(mostly ;) ) and exercising 6 days a week. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm sort of nervous. I want to have lost another .5-1kg this week. I've only gone over my calories ONE day. Pretty good. for me. I'm an emotional eater and i tend to binge. Not my best quality obviously. I love food. I just need to eat less of it.

Graham got another job. Promotion i guess is a better word. He starts at the beginning of November. His new job is Admin 2IC. cool as.

I have to get my licence by the end of the month because i'll need to take over school duties when Graham starts his new job. I need to practice my manouvers and parking. Lots of lessons coming up!! And plus Ethan starts swimming this term. I'd like to be able to go and supervise. At least to start with. I'm very nervous about my boys and water. Ethan has almost drowned twice. I can't let him out of my sight in a pool again.

Nicholas started talking. About TIME!! He turns 3 on the 12th October. And he can finally speak! He went from saying a few words like mum, dad, juice and blabbering noises to constructing a sentance all in about 2 weeks! It was amazing really.

Lachlan is getting big. He was 7.15kgs at his 4mth weigh in. He's SO cute. SO CUTE!!!! He is almost sitting up by himself. He has started eating food too :) I wasnt going to start him until 6mths but he was grabbing everything and looked interested so i tried him on some pureed potato and he loved it! He's 5mths now. He's a pretty good sleeper too. Doesn't seem to be getting any teeth just yet.

Will post some pics tomorrow....i better get my boys to bed!

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