Monday, March 30, 2009

Move baby, MOVE!!!!!!

I'm 36 weeks! YAY! At the end of this week i'm considered full term. I can't tell you how much i love that. This is almost over. But not over without some drama. I went for my 36 week antenatal clinic appointment at the hospital. The Dr was really nice. Checked my last blood test and GCT - all perfect. BP -perfect. Time to feel the tummy. hmmmmmm that feels like a head up there ABOVE my belly button. Sure enough - baby is breech!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Is Nicholas the only one of my children that has read the book and knows how he's supposed to sit in the womb??? If you didn't know, Ethan was a malpositioned baby and i had trouble birthing him. Now a breech baby?! *sigh* So i was given the option of going in to get him turned by the dr (done at 38 weeks) or i could just book in for an elective c section at 39 weeks. A c-section to me is a LAST resort so i opted to have him turned. Tomorrow i go in for an ultrasound to check how big he is (i bet he's gotta be 7lbs already ;) ) and to check fluid levels and some other stuff to see if turning him is a good option. The Dr thought i was the perfect candidate since my placenta is in the back and i've had babies before.....those stretched out muscles are good for something.

So since last wednesday when we found out i've been trying to get this baby to turn on his own. Which means i've spent alot of time with my bum in the air. I've played him music and shined the torch way down low to encourage him to 'come into the light'. Babies apparently like music and light ok, i'm not just weird! Graham and i have both been telling him he needs to move.

So tomorrow is the big day. I HOPE he's turned. He's been moving alot in the last couple of days and things feel different but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

To be continued....

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AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Ooooooh! I so hope he's turned for you, Andrea. You're almost there. You can do it!!!