Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OK so i promised photos of Nicholas's birthday. I can't believe he's 2. He's just so cute. I made a duck cake and Ethan insisted that he wanted a pussy cat cake so i made both. lol Nicholas didn't want me to cut the ducky so we ended up eating the cat on his birthday and the duck the next day...when he wasn't so attached to it. lol

I also turned 14 weeks on Sunday. YAY for the second trimester. I sure hope it's better then the first. Here's a pic -

Those are my new maternity pants - size 12! Those 5kgs i lost came in handy. lol i never would have thought i could fit into a size 12 pair. That makes me happy. I know its dumb but whatever. lol
5 weeks to go until we find out if i'm having a boy or a girl. It's no secret that i want a girl...of course i wanted Nicholas to be a girl but i would't swap him. So while i may cry if it's another boy i'm sure it will work out just fine. :)


Anonymous said...

what a great birthday and a fun cake!! And YIPPEE for 2nd trimester, here's hoping you get a girl.

mistyeiz said...

love ur belly!! :) hopped over from bellybelly. :) have to remember to take a pix of mine too.

EmLouisa said...

I cannot believe he is two!!!! And what a cute ducky! Good job Mom!! And...you're at 14 weeks? Wahoo! I hope you start feeling better and better!