Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things i've learned this week

I'm being a copy cat today - thanks Emily ;)

1. I don't do well without sleep - I knew this was coming, of course i did but seriously can anyone function on 4-5 hours sleep a night?? why aren't babies born with the ability to sleep for 8 hours at night??

2. I also don't do well with having a splitting head ache for 4 freakin days! - enough already, i'm over it. It hurts and i'm cranky.

3. My dh is an idiot - last night he ate a habanero chilli to see how hot it was. It was very hot. Then i had to listen to him complain for the next hour about how hot it was. I could have told him that and i've never even eaten one before. He suggested that that he was being brave or couragous for eating it...ummm no, you were just being stupid.

4. Thompsons Pharmacy Wind Mixture for windy babies is a life saver - This stuff ought to be given to every new mother!! Seriously a miracle cure and the best stuff i have ever Gripe Water hands down!

5. Turning 28 kinda sucks - my dh lovingly reminded me that i'm no longer in my mid-20's, i'm now in my LATE 20's. In other words - old. I feel old. My birthday was on Halloween btw which is kinda cool...or it would be if we celebrated it more here.


emlouisa said...

Happy Birthday!!!! lol about the habenero.

And I'm LOVING the picture of your kid asleep on the doll below. Adorable!

Lei said...

I am loling at the habanero pepper incident, too. Remember to embrace his newbornness... depsite lack of sleep - it will be gone before you know it! :(

Emily said...

Happy Birthday. And fwiw I think 28 was a favorite age :p

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something my dh would do. Men and peppers...something I don't get!